Movie Review: Takers

Won myself free tickets via Nuffnang to watch the movie Takers at GSC, Midvalley. It’s been a really long time since I stepped into the Midvalley cinemas and noticed they did some upgrades to their entrance. I like the high ceilings and their movie seatings reception. It feels more spacious now though their movie screen numbers were oddly laid out.

Which Taker took our movie tickets?!

During the ticket redemption queue, I caught word over Twitter from a friend that Nuffnangers may have forgotten to bring the tickets. :O

Lol epic failure. Nuffnang staff forgot to bring tickets for their screening. Can fail lagi later if disaster recovery hancur.

Via cincauhangus

But the recovery was fast and well done by the Nangers in charge at the table. They handed out the Nuffnang badges in replacement of tickets and numbered the redeemers. Although they asked us to come back 30 minutes later, we got the tickets 10-15 minutes after. Kudos.

Movie synopsis

Takers takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies.  They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists.  But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.

Takers short of my expectation

Unfortunately, I’d only give it a 6/10. The first quarter of the movie was technically the trailer. And as much bang-bang-boom went on, precision timing and creative scheming were interesting parts of the movie, it didn’t leave me an impression to want to watch it again.

It wasn’t boring but entertaining. In other words, something to watch if you needed some action for the day.

P.S.: Late comers should stop coming late or not come at all

Some redeemers left the cinema because they were given the first row from the screen. What I’d advice to curb this is, Nuffnangers need to honestly inform redeemers of this before they’re given the tickets. Let them decide before they walk-in.

This way, they’d be smart enough to note they were late and not expect miracles. Worst scenario, you get proud people moving their butts into empty seats higher. Although during this screening, there were a lot of nice side seats because Nuffnang gave out pairs. 😉

I would be an Awesome Brand Evangelist

Nuffnang’s introduced a new program for its Gliteratti members. It’s called the; Evangelist Program. It’s for brand lovers to shower their love for, brands. Doh.

Evangelist section

According to their blog, brand evangelists get the low-down and inside information of new product launches and other exclusive stuff from the brands.

I would be an awesome brand evangelist because:

  1. I love branded stuff.
  2. I love free stuff.
  3. I trust branded stuff.
  4. I value their customer service more if I were their brand evangelist.
  5. I would tell my parents, my brothers, my relatives, my friends, my friend’s friends and tell total strangers about the brand.
  6. I would convert as many of the above to be on the same brand.
  7. I would blog (almost) daily about the brand.
  8. I would love to attend all the happening events of the brand.
  9. I would protect the brand.
  10. I would make the brand my own.

In short, I’d be the most awesome brand evangelist. 😀

Now, can I get that with an Apple iPhone 3GS? ROFL!

Disclaimer: It’s not my fault if your product or brand doesn’t meet my expectations.

You can’t buy my brand evangelism or loyalty. But you can improve further. And I’ll support that. 😉

Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

After some imagination probing to write the blog contest entry; My Valentine’s Day, organized by Nuffnang, it was paid off with a pair of free tickets. 🙂

The screening was on Tuesday and who else would I have gone with, other than Ariel. But I had added fun at this screening, because I bumped into @jenkinyat, @icednyior and @bryanlyt.

Although we were there before 8:30pm, a queue of bloggers already formed to redeem their tickets. Plus, the Nuffies weren’t there on time so the line grew nearly as long as the Cineleisure available counters.

Why I don't like it longer

The benefit being friends with other bloggers is you don’t mind them joining you in the queue – me, at least. Noticing Yatz trying to “bodek” one of the Nuffies, I just told him it’s alright to redeem with me. Bloggers are like buddies once you get to know them. 🙂

On to the movie review

The movie; Valentine’s Day, is the first romance comedy (and I think only one) released for this love directed day. By the end of the movie, I was telling Ariel I really liked the storyline.

I could feel a happy-happy joy-joy beginning, then transitioned to an uh-oh scenario to an awwww ending. But I think it’s the fact they managed to intertwine the character’s life as it came to an end. So it all played out well.

Though with a star studded cast, I believe even an all-time Academy Award actor or actress wouldn’t be able to save a movie it it were bad. But no worries here, the movie was good. 🙂

However, if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, I’d probably not ask you to watch. You just might end up bashing the producer/director or author of whoever wrote this movie. Let’s just say, dumb blonde. And leave it as that.

And I’ve a question about the after credits.

Was there an additional scene with Jessica Alba?

Because I get the feeling she had something missing.

Why I Like It Longer

When I was a boy, it was one of the first places I discovered. The place where all joy would rush through my veins. It would always make me happy especially after long trainings. Soon, it became one of the things I always looked forward to, especially with many people.

But, something happened as years passed. I noticed, it was, not becoming longer. It left me nothing but disappointment because:

[swf], 500, 300[/swf]

Just as the animation tells, wieners are meant to be longer, not shorter! Who’d ever heard of a 1 inch long wiener. With such a short wiener, you could have two in your mouth at a time and swallow it whole. That ain’t value for money!

Which is why, I decided to convert from a being a wiener lover to a chocolate lover. Not only does it melt in your hand, but in your mouth too. And, it’s especially great for winning hearts – both males and females.

And being a chocolate lover, has its advantages.

Chocolate goes well with almost ANYTHING!

Even dog?

Chocolate destresses your day!


Chocolate can be art!


Chocolate can lower blood cholestrol and blood pressure!


Chocolate gives you energy!


And ultimately, chocolate is a symbol of love and persuasion!

There is chocolate in his ear!

Instant Romeo I tell you. Therefore, how not to be a chocolate lover.

And to make chocolate even more exciting, you can even bring it anywhere now. The living room, the bedroom and even, the toilet. It’s evolved to a stage you can even make calls on it!

Ladies and gents, I present to you the LG BL40 Chocolate mobile phone. 🙂

why i like it longer

Now, I’d prefer a longer chocolate than a shorter wiener. And if you hadn’t figured it out, wieners are also sausages.

So you may now stop 2nd guessing and also, replacing your sausages with the male anatomy. Thank you very much.

I Lub Nuffnang

Despite being a new blog, I’m still happy to know I’ve the support of my close friends who read even my personal blog. And to not miss out on the many opportunities this year, I’m prepared to take the next step for this blog already.

Nuffnang, I lub you!


I’ve been a keen supporter of Nuffnang for awhile now. I wouldn’t say I started with them ever since I was blogging but when Advertlets came out, I never had a doubt of becoming Nuffie.

Because Nuffies are cool!


Image “pinjam” from Timothy’s blog.

Which other company do you know actually can tell the whole team to karaoke in the middle of the day! 😛

I am not working for them la!

My business partner at Simpleet would kill me if he found this out. LOL! But yes, it’s not that I’m working for Nuffnang. What I wanted to say was in continuous support of them, I’m only putting Nuffnang ads here.

So, do you lub Nuffnang too? 😉