I would be an Awesome Brand Evangelist

Nuffnang’s introduced a new program for its Gliteratti members. It’s called the; Evangelist Program. It’s for brand lovers to shower their love for, brands. Doh.

Evangelist section

According to their blog, brand evangelists get the low-down and inside information of new product launches and other exclusive stuff from the brands.

I would be an awesome brand evangelist because:

  1. I love branded stuff.
  2. I love free stuff.
  3. I trust branded stuff.
  4. I value their customer service more if I were their brand evangelist.
  5. I would tell my parents, my brothers, my relatives, my friends, my friend’s friends and tell total strangers about the brand.
  6. I would convert as many of the above to be on the same brand.
  7. I would blog (almost) daily about the brand.
  8. I would love to attend all the happening events of the brand.
  9. I would protect the brand.
  10. I would make the brand my own.

In short, I’d be the most awesome brand evangelist. 😀

Now, can I get that with an Apple iPhone 3GS? ROFL!

Disclaimer: It’s not my fault if your product or brand doesn’t meet my expectations.

You can’t buy my brand evangelism or loyalty. But you can improve further. And I’ll support that. 😉