What other ways can an umbrella be used for besides shading from the Sun and the rain?

Well, if I happened to stumble into a time machine and went back into the dinosaur age, my umbrella would be my new best friend.

Hiding from the Nufflesaurusses
Hiding from the Nufflesaurusses

Other uses for the umbrella are aplenty

If you love to Instagram and want to spice up your picture.

Use an umbrella as a prop
Use an umbrella as a prop

If you’re having a bad day and want to fly away.

Use an umbrella and be Mary Poppins

If you feel unsafe walking around.

Use an umbrella like a samurai

Lastly, this is not really a use for an umbrella, but…ah, I don’t know what to call it.

Eye catcher?
You tell me.

I was initially thinking of using a Japan GT grid girls photo, but I’ve not attended that event before. So…keep it in your pants. 😛

Malay boobs WTF

So I heard my blogger friends saying how awesome is the new Nuffnang website. Like a kay-poh (busybody), I went to check out their new website and see what else was changed. The last time, I commented on their ChurpChurp redesign and mentioned it was a good initiative into responsive design. To my surprise, the new Nuffnang is really pretty sexy. Even, on the inside.

website screenshot
Sexy or not

Okay. You can ignore my bad stats. I’m no celebrity blogger and I don’t have a face nor cleavage to show you.

However, you can ponder at why my blog seems to be pulling traffic for the related keyword; Malay boobs. ROFL!

ChurpChurp crime scene photos

At around 1.30pm, a guy stepped out of his car and started walking towards the Heritage House building. He was described as wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. The security on duty noticed he was looking at the building directory and for safety precautions, asked the man to write his particulars in a log book.

Once the man got into the lift, we only know he stopped on the floor; 12B. And security cameras saw him walking towards one of the offices – Nuffnang. He looked as if he rang the bell like any normal person and was permitted to enter by a petite lady.

No security footage was retrieved from the Nuffnang office. But we know the man left the office between 2.20pm. What happened inside is still unknown. However, we do know the man left with this.

churp churp usb thumbdrive
Measuring almost 3" tall

Then, at 9.38pm we got the call. It was a messy sight and not for the weak-hearted towards cute things. We found ChurpChurp…murdered!

churp churp usb head
Where's his body?!

All that we know is this was the work of some sick person who could only imagine such a devious crime. Beheading this poor cute thing and taking its body for its trophy.

We’ve setup a hotline for the public who has information of this man to come forward. The number to dial is 1-800-I-did-it.

Thank you to the Churpers

And yes, thanks for the USB thumbdrive after my review of your website redesign. I’ve been wanting a spare to put music in. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I really enjoyed writing it. 🙂

P.S.: Guess the murder weapon. *grin* And if ChurpChurp reads this, could you please give me another thumbdrive to give to my winner? 😉

Sayonara RM50

When it’s so easy to blame someone else, you can’t help but do it. I suppose that’s why we’re mere humans. Kind of like acting on impulse then only reflecting on your actions later.

Well, it was farewell to a modem I bought back in July 2010. I’ve not had to replace it since I bought it thanks to my surge protector – first device which blows when lightning hits. But in the end, I guess my poor ol modem departed for hardware heaven due to keeping it switched on nearly 24/7.

I’ll miss you dear ol modem. Your bright LED lights were way more attractive than this other boxy modem I have with only tiny embarrassing squares for LEDs. Plus, I loved your sexy curved size as compared to this bento box shaped new modem I have. I will miss you…and my RM50 for replacing you.

On another note

Who bled on mah mail?!!!

Crap! Now I’ve an added hatred towards those damn spam flyers dropped into your mailbox. The blardy ink can run and cause something like this.

OH MY GOD?!!! I pray my Nuffnang cheques inside them are safe. *fingers crossed*

Our World, Their War

As an 80s kid, I was ecstatic to hear when Transformers was made into a live action. After all, they finally had the technology. But for all you 90s kid who never knew what us 80s fellows went through, here’s a TV series of technology that time. LOL!


Alright. So thankfully Michael Bay had much better toys to play with when he did Transformers. Plus, when I caught word that Devastator would be casted I was super happy. Then I started raging in the cinema.

Like the polluted image of the live action Dragonball, my Devastator was made into some 2 testicle beast! -_-!!!

transformer testicles
Wha the hell is tha?!

So maybe the animators wanted to throw in their 2 balls worth being behind the scenes. And maybe, Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay were convinced when they saw it from a different angle.

Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay
You see…I told you it’ll work.

So Nuffnang asked, how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character I’d be to protect the world.

All warfare is based on deception.

~ Sun Tzu

First of all to help Japan off their feet, we need Sam Witwicky to speak to the Japanese and get them to build more phreaking Gundams! These white awesome mechanically engineered fellows would make the Decepticons go, WTF?! and instantly take them as a threat.

life size japan gundam
Hell yeah! Source: koiaichaku.com

Then, like Sun Tzu says, we need to deceive our enemies. This is where we make replicas of the Gundam and Transformers merged together. They may be butt ugly, but I’m pretty sure the Decepticons won’t mind or notice if the Autobot had an extra ball or 2.

china gundam
Butt ugly, yes. Deceptive, of course. Source: robotsinmasquerade.blogspot.com

Now I know Sam may not agree with this. But why not for the fun of it, we call in Tony Starck as well. He builds things and loves destroying stuff, right?

Danny, my boy, you may have something there.

And finally, as a precaution, let’s load up all the people into Omega Supreme, just in case. With that, we’ll deceive the hell out of the Decepticons and kick Megatron’s ass back to planet Cybertron!

Oh, before I forget. The Autobot I’d want to be to protect the world with this plan would be; Rodimus Prime.

rodimus prime
Autobots…roll out!

He starts of as a young, arrogant and experimental Autobot but soon matures into a great leader to make Megatron have a resurrection and beat Galvatron back into his little hole. Watcha!

P.S.: I’m still wondering what Decepticon ever had tentacles?