Attending my first ever K-Pop concert with Super Junior

This year I originally thought about attending the T-ARA performance. While I ended contemplating about it too much and not purchasing the tickets, I guess it was a good thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my concert ticket to Linkin Park in Malaysia. 😛

However, my wife really wanted to see Super Junior perform and by the universe’s  will, a friend of ours mentioned having tickets to pass along because she wasn’t into k-pop so she gave it to us.

They have air-cond. Dang!

Super Junior’s Supershow 5 was at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil and it was an indoor stadium. Hence, air cond!

Fans already seated - click image for larger version
Fans already seated – click image for larger version

And seriously, this k-pop concert gave me a very good first impression of the show. Why? Because they were blardy punctual in comparison to other concerts. The show was suppose to start at 5pm and when it started, it was between 5.10-5.15pm! If it were an American band, expect to be waiting there for about 45 minutes or more.

I was also really impressed by the stage design and planned performance of the concert. Besides the raising platforms, they spent no expense to incorporate lasers, huge LED backdrop, pyrotechnics (yes, small fireworks!), bubbles and blowing of shredded paper.

This show of entertainment level for a k-pop concert made me felt the ticket you would buy is really well worth it. And it’s not easy to make someone feel this way!

This may be a Super Junior thing, but I noticed between some performances, they’d play a short video acted by some members. In my mind, I was thinking this must be used to give the members a break and give them enough time to switch between costumes. So it wasn’t only a concert, but a show.

Not to mention, it was different watching the Super Junior members interacting between each other and the fans. My observation was the group members had a really close relationship and they’d behave childishly between one another like how best friends would. I never expected to see such a thing during a concert but I must say, it makes you feel really good.

The show lasted for a good 2 hours or more. Although the encore chanting from the fans wasn’t great, Super Junior still returned to deliver a final performance and their farewell messages to Malaysia fans.

I really had a good time and enjoyed my first k-pop concert experience. Hopefully I’d be attending a few more next year and be able to witness more elaborate shows put on by other groups. 🙂

Linkin Park Malaysia concert returned in 2013

Like a friend you’ve not seen for 10 years, I experienced that feeling when Linkin Park performed live in Malaysia again. The last Linkin Park Malaysia concert was held at Stadium Merdeka and ticket were about RM200+. Though their performance was awesome that time, it was together with a not-so-good memory because there were what I deem hooligans. The moment jumping started, a group of us tumbled because of others who were pushing and forcing their ways to the front.

Fast forward to Linkin Park Malaysia concert 2013

Initially I didn’t know about Linkin Park performing in Malaysia until I caught word from someone, which led me to find out the Linkin Park Malaysia concert was to be organized by The WonderLand+.

I made the decision to purchase the more expensive “VIP” ticket this time; RM650, in hope to avoid hooligans as previously. On concert day, I made my way to the stadium around 4:30pm after buying myself an early dinner snack.

At 4.30pm-ish
At 4.30pm-ish

There were some cars already present in the parking lot and I didn’t think anything of it because I assumed with the VIP ticket, my queue wouldn’t be as long. Well, I was kind of wrong.

The not-VIP queue
The not-VIP queue

I found the queue unreasonable and as though being conned to believe “VIP” really meant something. This was because my queue was combined with others who bought tickets for the mosh pit and our concert areas were different. Okay, so here’s where I rant that the management should’ve considered splitting our line because VIP means Very Important Person and we paid 650 bucks okay! *fumes*

Thankfully, I made some friends while queuing and they happened to be in the VIP area too. So we were chatting about the Linkin Park Malaysia concert to past the time and I was glad to know as we’d have each others backs when the concert began. Plus, they were nice enough to help me snap a photo. Thank yous!

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By the way, if there’s 1 lesson after your first concert is it will never start on time. Besides that, other practices when attending a concert is:

  1. Pack a raincoat.
  2. Bring a zipper bag for your mobile phone, in case it pours.
  3. Leave umbrellas in your vehicles.
  4. Leave water bottles behind.
  5. Leave DSLRs / camcorders at home.

Of course, number 5 is pretty obvious unless you’re media. However, we noticed a smart person who brought his GoPro and a monopod to this Linkin Park Malaysia concert. Genius!

When the concert started, it was natural for the crowd to go wild. I was really glad Linkin Park acknowledged their absence for the past 10 years. In addition, I felt more awesome because they said Malaysia was their last stop for this year’s tour. Thank you guys for making the Linkin Park Malaysia concert a reality again!!!


Needless to say, everyone was pumped during the concert and Linkin Park continued to be awesome entertainers.

I noticed while Mike was performing, he threw a pick into the crowd naturally and I think it caught the fans by surprise. Some of them had the “WTF” expression because they didn’t realize what came flying at them.

A quick rant however was some people couldn’t keep their mobile phones in their pants for the length of the song. I noticed many had their phones in the air video recording the songs from start to finish. So in my mind, I was… “Dei! You might as well stay home and watch the Linkin Park DVD.”

The longest I recorded was less than 2 minutes and I was lucky to catch the moment when Mike came down to sing; In the end, with the fans. When it happened, fans were pushing me like a ship in the wave towards where Mike was so I couldn’t do anything else but move with the flow. Thankfully, there wasn’t a tumbling incident like my previous Linkin Park Malaysia concert experience.

After Linkin Park finished their encore set, they gave some freebies like guitar picks and drum sticks to the fans. Unfortunately, none of it came my way as I was hoping a towel would come flying to me. T_T

Nonetheless, I was really happy and proud to have attended the Linkin Park Malaysia concert once again. Furthermore, I was nearer to the stage this time as compared to last. 😀

Next Linkin Park Malaysia concert goal; be in the 2nd row! Fighting~

Enter the MSI Dragon Army

I was given the chance to attend the MSI launch of their new laptop army dubbed the MSI Dragon Army. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended a press-con, computer related at that. So thank you MSI for the opportunity to be part of your event.

Now what better way to start of a post about hardware than some ladies. :p

MSI ladies in fiery red
MSI ladies in fiery red

I had a pretty exciting experience learning about the new line up of laptops. And I would be lying if I wasn’t impressed with their upcoming 4th generation Intel Core processor-based Mobile platform. Together with Super RAID and Killer DoubleShot.

The event started with the key speech by their Country Manager; Jerry Lu, thanking the media support and fans of MSI who attended the event.

Jerry Lu

Then a brief thank you message from Green Lin; Regional Marketing Manager, after that.

Green Lin

Followed by the Product Manager; Joeman Wang, who was really passionate about the new MSI laptops. In addition, what I really admired about him was because his passion came from being a gamer first then his position in MSI.

Joeman Wang

I’d say he communicated across very well because he even shared some of his personal achievements. For example, he’s a Starcraft 2 commentator in Taiwan. In my books, opening up to the audience is part of being confident. And 1 of his big dreams was.. See MSI in window display. Walk in and say to the service person before they say a word, “Shut up. Take my money.” Lol.

Before breaking, there was a Q&A for us to win prizes. I did feel quite nervous to answer and disappointed in the end because the limited edition MSI Dragon Steelseries looked sooooo super awesome! T_T And my Plantronics wire is going to be the death of me soon. Sigh. Oh well…

Next speaker up was another Product Manager; Oscar, and he was sharing more on how the new MSI Dragon lineup is also aimed not only at gamers, but designers too!


At the end of the event, we were surprised by the presence of many ladies. They were the GT girls.


And luck truly came on the day because I even managed to meet a photographer whom I’ve been wanting to meet – Hibiki. He was a really nice guy and if I were to go into photography, I’d definitely want to learn from him.

Oh yeah. Press also got a number of goodies to bring home. Thumb drive and a magic box filled with lanyard, stickers, coasters, notebook and a keychain.

Mystery box
Mystery box

All in all it was a good event and I’m looking forward to share the new MSI Dragon laptop lineup. 😉

The Fabulous Kumar in KL

I’m glad that comedy is bringing the family close again. Although I think my Dad’s going to compare all comedians now with Russell Peters. LOL! I mean I’m not saying when Russell Peters did a show in Malaysia, it set the bar too high, but y’ know, it’s Russell Peters.

Getting on with the show

TicketPro were the same event company managing the Russell Peters show. However, in Kumar’s show I noticed they were very lax. During the Russell Peters show, I wrote about how they had so many guards aiming their light strobing seizure inducing flashlights at you if you tried to take a picture. However, it was a 360 during Kumar’s show.

The other thing me and a friend whom I bumped into said was, booking for this show was not very well done. Unlike Russell Peter’s where you could see the row and if I recall, whether it’s a higher level, we couldn’t tell from the Kumar seating plan. What’s up with that?!

Stage set looks awfully familiar, no?

Thankfully, though seated on the higher level, we got seats near the balcony. Plus, sound system was well done that you could hear the jokes clearly.

Malaysia versus Singapore

Emceeing was JD from MixFM and it was very noticeable when you’re at an event and sponsors have said, “you must tell everyone who brought this event to them”. Phbt.

So anyway, we had 2 Malaysian comedians warm up the crowd. Both of which, me and Ariel had seen them in action during the Ministry of Humour – Kavin Jay and Dr.Jason Leong. This time, their acts seemed much better than when we first saw them. *shrug*

Then, when the big kahuna, of course not in size, came onto the stage, Kumar wasted no time hitting off the jokes. He banged everyone from JD, Kavin, Jason and even, the DJ. LOL!

JD, Kavin Jay, Kumar and Dr.Jason Leong

She should’ve stayed at home

In front of us, I noticed a couple. The guy seemed entertained with the jokes thrown by the comedians. However, little could be said about his girl friend. It looked like she didn’t have a sense of humour or she had too much trouble following the jokes. Simply because she kept leaning and whispering into his ear, like “dear, what does he mean ar?” “dear, bla bla bla bla…” -_-!!!

Anyway, let’s wrap this up. Kumar’s jokes to me were made from the experiences he encountered mixed with research done. Although my Dad said Russell Peters was better, I found Kumar’s jokes equally entertaining. On the other hand, when Kumar injects Tamil, I’m temporarily idle. LOL!

But like he said, if you don’t get it, just forget it. 😛

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 editon

So much to talk about, so little time. Especially when you’ve selected your photos, edited them then by that time, it’s already late and you just had to go to bed. Thought to self; the things I do when I write a blog post such as Anime Festival Asia Malaysia.

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

After much commitment from Malaysians heading down to Singapore yearly for the Anime Festival Asia convention, it has finally crossed our (and Indonesia’s) borders. Held in the old Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), where PC Fair used to be until there was too many complaints of stuffiness and disgusting BO stories, I couldn’t help but ask; why there?!

Busy ticketing counters

The ticket counters had long queues. Long enough that it worried the PWTC officers monitoring the situation. This was because there was some other AGM or something going on. Plus, PWTC is located next to a political party’s tower. So yeay. 😛

And like our Malaysian road signs – not knowing it’s there until it’s too late, I heard from goldfries that apparently, there was an exclusive counter opened if you were a Canon user. Well, thankfully I got my tickets the previous day. By the way, speaking of bad signages, PWTC should look at themselves too because I didn’t notice any sign saying where was hall 1 and 2. The only hall I saw from the parking lot was Dewan Tun Razak 1 & 2. How’s everyone suppose to know THAT is hall 1 and 2?! *facepalm* Don’t get me started of having to walk across a bridge to the place. *sweats*

Once inside the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia, we started patrolling the booths to see what goodies which interest us. We walked end to end within 15 minutes. It was very obvious which booth were real crowd pullers; maid cafe, butler cafe and KKNM (together with littleAkiba – friend of mine).

Ladies queuing to the butler cafe
Guys trump ladies with longer line to maid cafe
The queue goes around the KKNM booth

The other booths which were open (if I recall) were:

  • Danny Choo
  • GoodSmile company
  • Bushiroad
  • Macross Malaysia club
  • Online gaming
  • Sony Music
  • Canon
  • AFA shop
  • Event organizer
  • Malaysia Hatsune Miku party booth
  • Some other booths selling anime merchandise and cosplay items.

Danny Choo was not only hosting the festival shows but also promoting his Moekana Japanese language cards. And of course, he brought the lovely Mirai Suenaga with him to the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia edition.

Danny Choo figurine in his iconic storm trooper uniform
Mirai Suenaga figams
Mirai greeting people in her ride
Well, hello Mir…wait a minute…who are you?!

Hmm, I read quite a bit of chatter on Twitter about the Ultimate Madoka figure. Though I’m sure there’s a very good reason, please do tell me about it. However, I believe this was the model they were oogling.

Ultimate Madoka

When it got really crowded, making for little room to move *cough – PC Fair history* we mozied over to the next hall. This was where the stage activities were held along with the concert in the evening.

Ah memories

I must say though, using this hall for the concert was definitely a good move. It’s spacious just like AFA Singapore. 🙂

Making our way to the stage

The first show of Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Day 1 hosted by Danny Choo was with Tomohiko Ishii introducing the upcoming anime film; Re:Cyborg 009.

Tomohiko Ishii (left) and Danny Choo (right)

The Cyborg 009 production dates back to the 1960s for manga and the latest anime production was in 2001. I don’t recall watching the anime but I must say after watching the upcoming movie trailer, I’m going to hunt for the recent anime.

After Ishii-san’s segment, I noticed camera bearing guys moving to the front of the barricade. I pondered staying in my seat in the 3rd row then later standing on the chair, but I didn’t want to risk it. So I secured a seat in the front row.

Sitting beside me was a girl taking notes while her girl friend was snapping photos. They looked like journalist but my bet is they were real hardworking bloggers. 😛

Spiral Cats (SP Cats) cosplayers

The reason for this camera horde was because professional cosplayers were coming on stage at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. Plus, both of them were Korean girls to boot.

The horde

Other than Danny Choo, he had a sweet lady co-host with him. Don’t remember her name.


The SP Cats are a Korean group of cosplayers who are rather serious in the hobby. It takes them awhile to produce the gear and costumes. The pair who came down for AFA was the group leader; Tasha, and youngest member; Miyuko. Okay, I will shut up now and just post the pictars. 😛

Q&A with SP Cats – Tasha and Miyuko
Tasha and Miyuko
Kuroneko and Black Rock Shooter
Tasha was looking at me!
She was doing it again!
Sweet Miyuko
Miyuko in what I call the Hmph pose
Surprising how a small change in pose makes a difference
Classic innocent skirt holding post

By the way, here’s a picture of the crowd seated during the morning show.

Don’t think I’m in there

We had to leave Anime Festival Asia Malaysia earlier because of lunch plans. And I found out later I missed the opportunity to snap some artistes on stage because they came out to wish the crowd. Oh well.

My only plunder of this event was the latest SCANDAL album. Primary reason being I didn’t have enough cash on me. From another perspective, that sounds like a good thing.

SCANDAL japanese band album

Overall, Anime Festival Asia Malaysia was alright. I’m hoping to see more booths open next year and that time, I’ll make sure to bring more cash. Also to the organizer, please bring down more Japanese acts! 😀

And if you could, please give me a media pass next time. Pretty please. ROFL!

P.S.: When Joshua shared this photo, I couldn’t believe it. Oh em gee, I tell ya.

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Come to think of it, this isn’t Sheryl Nome from Macross right? Or, is it?