Xiaomi prizes from China arrived!

The Xiaomi Malaysia forums were holding an early photography contest and thought to myself, why not give it a go. Theme of the contest was “I Love MY Mi” in conjunction with the ongoing Visit Malaysia campaigns.

The criteria of the contest were:

  1. Phrase “I Love my Mi” must be included into the photo without being post-processed (Photoshop, mobile apps etc).
  2. Photo be someting Malaysian.

Because prizes were rather atractive, you could guess there were a ton of entries being posted in the forum. However, quite a number of entries may have not been shortlisted as criteria #1 wasn’t met accurately.

The forgotten pasar malam

After giving the critera some thought and observing what others had submitted, I decided to go with the following idea:

Before the supermarkets, “pasar malam” (night market) was an activity where many Malaysian families together with their children visited to purchase weekly groceries and spend time with each other. Sometimes, you still see parents educating their curious kids whilst they point at the fresh fish, colourful fruits or even biscuits. This family activity is slowly being replaced by the supermarkets being built nearby.

And this was my submitted entry:

I heart my Mi
I heart my Mi

After having submitted this, I was feeling worried because the landmark of Malaysia I did isn’t as glorious and famous like KLCC, nor is it historical.

Then it became encouraging to read the user comments from around the world who voted for this photo. I tip my hat and thank you truly from my heart. 🙂

Logistic challenges

It took almost a month to have the prizes delivered to my doorstep. From what I know having communicated with Xiaomi’s forum team, it was due to the customs here. #facepalm

Still I’m glad when it finally made it here and thank you to the team over there for following up on my case to make sure the prizes got to me. Lo and behold the winnings below.

Xiaomi goodies from Left: World cup t-shirt, Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank, mobile strap, orange Mi3 cover, mousepad (below), MiBunny keychain, MiBunny soft toy, limited edition MiBunny powerbank and to the right, leather cover notebook (I love this!).

Thanks again Xiaomi Malaysia for hosting the contest and its users for allowing me to win this time. 🙂

Our World, Their War

As an 80s kid, I was ecstatic to hear when Transformers was made into a live action. After all, they finally had the technology. But for all you 90s kid who never knew what us 80s fellows went through, here’s a TV series of technology that time. LOL!


Alright. So thankfully Michael Bay had much better toys to play with when he did Transformers. Plus, when I caught word that Devastator would be casted I was super happy. Then I started raging in the cinema.

Like the polluted image of the live action Dragonball, my Devastator was made into some 2 testicle beast! -_-!!!

transformer testicles
Wha the hell is tha?!

So maybe the animators wanted to throw in their 2 balls worth being behind the scenes. And maybe, Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay were convinced when they saw it from a different angle.

Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay
You see…I told you it’ll work.

So Nuffnang asked, how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character I’d be to protect the world.

All warfare is based on deception.

~ Sun Tzu

First of all to help Japan off their feet, we need Sam Witwicky to speak to the Japanese and get them to build more phreaking Gundams! These white awesome mechanically engineered fellows would make the Decepticons go, WTF?! and instantly take them as a threat.

life size japan gundam
Hell yeah! Source: koiaichaku.com

Then, like Sun Tzu says, we need to deceive our enemies. This is where we make replicas of the Gundam and Transformers merged together. They may be butt ugly, but I’m pretty sure the Decepticons won’t mind or notice if the Autobot had an extra ball or 2.

china gundam
Butt ugly, yes. Deceptive, of course. Source: robotsinmasquerade.blogspot.com

Now I know Sam may not agree with this. But why not for the fun of it, we call in Tony Starck as well. He builds things and loves destroying stuff, right?

Danny, my boy, you may have something there.

And finally, as a precaution, let’s load up all the people into Omega Supreme, just in case. With that, we’ll deceive the hell out of the Decepticons and kick Megatron’s ass back to planet Cybertron!

Oh, before I forget. The Autobot I’d want to be to protect the world with this plan would be; Rodimus Prime.

rodimus prime
Autobots…roll out!

He starts of as a young, arrogant and experimental Autobot but soon matures into a great leader to make Megatron have a resurrection and beat Galvatron back into his little hole. Watcha!

P.S.: I’m still wondering what Decepticon ever had tentacles?

Video response to P1 Pimp Our Tagline contest

I’m not an animator nor a video wizard, but I guess I’ve to make do with what crappy skills I have in drawing, animating and video editing. Especially when there’s nothing to be proud of my previous DiGi broadband contest entry. Seen it?

Well, I hope I’ve done much better for the current P1 Pimp Our Tagline contest. It took me about a week to plan out the flow and 2 full days to prepare and compile everything.

Of course, I should disclaim the video was done for my personal use and I had no intention what-so-ever to harm anyone in the video. So, there.

By the way, please do vote for this video. I’m seriously considering to sell-off the prize won later for cash. The fund will be used to help out my girlfriend in her final semester.

Why I Like It Longer

When I was a boy, it was one of the first places I discovered. The place where all joy would rush through my veins. It would always make me happy especially after long trainings. Soon, it became one of the things I always looked forward to, especially with many people.

But, something happened as years passed. I noticed, it was, not becoming longer. It left me nothing but disappointment because:

[swf]https://iam.dannyfoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/hand.swf, 500, 300[/swf]

Just as the animation tells, wieners are meant to be longer, not shorter! Who’d ever heard of a 1 inch long wiener. With such a short wiener, you could have two in your mouth at a time and swallow it whole. That ain’t value for money!

Which is why, I decided to convert from a being a wiener lover to a chocolate lover. Not only does it melt in your hand, but in your mouth too. And, it’s especially great for winning hearts – both males and females.

And being a chocolate lover, has its advantages.

Chocolate goes well with almost ANYTHING!

Even dog?

Chocolate destresses your day!


Chocolate can be art!


Chocolate can lower blood cholestrol and blood pressure!


Chocolate gives you energy!


And ultimately, chocolate is a symbol of love and persuasion!

There is chocolate in his ear!

Instant Romeo I tell you. Therefore, how not to be a chocolate lover.

And to make chocolate even more exciting, you can even bring it anywhere now. The living room, the bedroom and even, the toilet. It’s evolved to a stage you can even make calls on it!

Ladies and gents, I present to you the LG BL40 Chocolate mobile phone. 🙂

why i like it longer

Now, I’d prefer a longer chocolate than a shorter wiener. And if you hadn’t figured it out, wieners are also sausages.

So you may now stop 2nd guessing and also, replacing your sausages with the male anatomy. Thank you very much.