Video response to P1 Pimp Our Tagline contest

I’m not an animator nor a video wizard, but I guess I’ve to make do with what crappy skills I have in drawing, animating and video editing. Especially when there’s nothing to be proud of my previous DiGi broadband contest entry. Seen it?

Well, I hope I’ve done much better for the current P1 Pimp Our Tagline contest. It took me about a week to plan out the flow and 2 full days to prepare and compile everything.

Of course, I should disclaim the video was done for my personal use and I had no intention what-so-ever to harm anyone in the video. So, there.

By the way, please do vote for this video. I’m seriously considering to sell-off the prize won later for cash. The fund will be used to help out my girlfriend in her final semester.

Iban Doing The Melbourne Shuffle

While some people are telling us to beware the Internet, look at how the Internet could evolve our Malaysian culture. All the way across the oceans to the natives.

By the way, the Melbourne shuffle has a strong following in Malaysia and I think I see them more often in raves. Probably it’s because of the suitable music; electronic trance.

Well, dancing is an art in many forms. Look at the self-defense technique called; capoeira. I’ve always wondered how some dancers shuffling can slide so smoothly. Some, without even flipping.