Meet thy neighbour

Here’s a little back story of thy neighbour. At one time, when they moved in to our neighbourhood not too long ago, their car was jacked from their house in the wee hours of the night. What enslued after was unexpected, because I heard they blamed us for our sturdily built garbage can holder made of brick outside our house, which they suspect aided the thief to steal their vehicle. (-_-)

Then on a previous festival day, thy neighbour wanted to party with their friends which we’re cool with it. However, because thy neighbour needed to extend their property onto the road like the big fiestas and thy neighbour’s fortress is located beside ours, naturally the traffic flow in front of our quarters was affected as well – which we understood.

But we had no phreaking idea thy neighbour was to allow their kin to park their chariots so near their blasted tent as though they owned the stretch of the road. (-_-)!

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right?

After that, my side had a talk with thy neighbour to express our concerns of such arrangement. Though I wasn’t present at those times, I heard discussions somewhat broke down and soon became drama, as if the gangs of east side and west side weren’t happy of neither crossing their borders boundaries.

And becase I’ve not directly faced thy neighbour since they moved in, I had always given them the benefit of the doubt…until the siesta happened this year again.

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right? right?

So I decided to walk over and have a talk with thy neighbour about what I observed previously with their kins chariots. And boy, I had never thought for someone you met for the first time, impressions of them could drop so low, as if they only saw you as the enemy.

All I wanted to do was talk to thy neighbour and share my past observation as well as concern. Plus, because I’ve not met thy neighbour in person, I was hopeful they’d at least be friendly to hear me out.

But all thy neighbour felt was the scorn of my presence when they came out to meet me. So much so, thy neigbour interrupted me in the middle of my expression and just went “so…what is the point you’re trying to tell me?” (-_-)!!

So I jumped to the part of the chariots and all thy neighbour said back was “excuse me, it’s chinese new year…be reasoanble…if my friends wish to park their cars there, why can’t they…they’re not blocking your entrance right?!” (-_-)!!!

If you were with me at the time, you would see the eyes of thy neighbour who only had frustration and chaos awaiting to be unleashed from the fiery hell.

Credits to PSDte
Credits to PSDtech

It was no longer a talk nor discussion with thy neighbour, but a debate only wanting to be won. And though it wasn’t enough for thy neighbour to throw their statements, the next remark directed to me was one which aggravated me a little but still appauling.

“Young man…don’t be unreasonable…” (-_-)!!!!!!!!


However, calmly taking the earful, I only responded back by saying “so if there were cars blocking, could you tell them to move?”

Though thy neighbour agreed, it was with a body language so hostile it only could have been screaming “fuck off”.

So I walked away after that with my own pent up disappointment and slight anger. It is Chinese New Year after all, you don’t need to spoil it for me either. And as my mind calmed, I thought about a lesson learned from this.

Regardless of who they are, if you are meeting them for the first time, you will want to maintain a friendly demeanour.

Otherwise, karma is going to be a bitch.

Why I’m unhappy with this Tourism Malaysia commercial

After watching the above supposedly official commercial, I was wondering…

Is this really the video used worldwide to promote my Malaysia?

As a Malaysian, I do appreciate our traditions. However, I can’t whole heartedly accept and be proud of this commercial because, to me…

50% shows nature

48% shows traditions

1% shows events

1% shows only Kuala Lumpur city

I felt like I’m living in a 3rd world country

Seriously. I get that our country is still filled with lush greenery and there is a LOT of it. But… I felt like I was a Malaysian who still lives in the jungle. Ouch.

And as much as I appreciate our traditions, watching all those traditional activities on top of feeling like I lived in the jungle, made me feel like I am now a citizen of a country with almost no progress. Ouch ouch.

By the way, what’s with showing clips of events without telling viewers what events they are?! #facepalm Why couldn’t it have been mentioned; GT race; LIMA and more?! #facepalmfacepalm Also, what happened to other international events like F1, golf, philharmonic orchestra, concerts and the list can go on and on. Sigh.

Then what I found sad was how the video could only show Kuala Lumpur city. As if it was the ONLY city in Malaysia. (I’ve face-palmed myself until I’m sore at this point)

Well, if you’re a tourist to so happen read this, please note we have 14 states in Malaysia. There is a West coast and East coast.

I pray this is not the only commercial

If it was, I’d feel rather disappointed being a Malaysian.

A country so rich with nature (yes), filled with great contemporary balance between tradition and modern lifestyle, together with many ethnicities living amongst each other and paving forward with many successful Malaysia business leaders…

All hidden. Soon lost.

How to pay TM UniFi bill using Maybank2u (M2U) online

Never did I expect to have to bang my head against the wall over how to pay TM UniFi bill online. *facepalm* I mean seriously, my expectation having to pay my UniFi bill online using Maybank2u was suppose to be much less frustrating. Sigh.

Anyway, here I am to help you save yourself from the frustration and remind myself the bitter pain of having had to go through how to pay TM Unifi bill online via Maybank2u.

Now, I don’t suppose I have to tell you how to login to your Maybank2u account. If you really need help, you could email and I’ll see what I can do.

step 1 - how to pay tm unifi bill
Maybank2u dashboard

After you’ve logged in and you’ve landed on the dashboard page. You’ll want to move your eyes to the higher right portion of the page where you see “Bill payment”.

Don’t be misled like I was!

By the Bills & Statement option in the lower middle portion of the page. It’ll take you to a different section and its for you to do more stuff with your bills. Which I wouldn’t bother because all I want to do is pay my TM UniFi bill.

step 2 - how to pay tm unifi bill
Hey, Telekom Malaysia Berhad – Telephone & Multimedia must be right… NOT!

This was the one step which caused me the ultimate frustration because my TM UniFi bill stated Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Hence, like any normal person, I would think that option to be the right one. But nooo…

The correct step was to select Utilities from the list of all payees! #facepalm x 1000

step 3 - how to pay tm unifi bill
There you @#$&!&#!?! UniFi are

At last, I have found you!

step 4 - how to pay tm unifi bill
Another doozy you wouldn’t believe

Okay. Congratulations for making it this far. Now pay attention to the Maybank2u image above because you will need the bill’s account number and not the bill number. If you’re stuck in a vortex for a second like I was, read it again because it is different. 😛

Here on, it’s finally downhill with the TAC authentication and the payment receipt.

Now you know how to pay TM Unifi bill online too!

And I have to say this…

what part of “Take my money” didn’t Maybank2u understand to pay my TM UniFi bill online


Idea to clean up the big mess

When I was studying in Melbourne, I picked up the habit of cleaning up after I had my food at the fast food outlets because I saw locals doing it. It felt like I was only throwing my trash away.

Of course, I wasn’t always like this. Growing up, we had a housekeeper to clean up and I was rarely asked to clean up after meals. So, it was never a habit for me.

From my observation today, parents don’t do it because they assume it’s the responsibility of the eatery to assign someone to clean it up and their children don’t do it because…I follow my Daddy and Mummy. Doh!

No need to clean wan mar...
No need to clean wan mar…

The scene which makes it worst at times is the new people using the table do not want to clean it up. Most likely because what’s running through their mind is…

I don’t want to clean someone else’s crap left behind so I’ll keep on waving and getting the attention of the staff to help.

Sometimes even when they did “clean up”, it’s stacking the mess and pushing it aside despite having a tray to actually discard it at the proper station. #facepalm

Okay. If you clean up your stuff after you eat too, you’d know how I felt observing tables with patrons like this. And it doesn’t only happen at the eatery.

Spot the trash on the red wall
Spot the trash on the red wall

All this rubbish laying around got me thinking. The idea would be pretty extreme, however I feel if it wasn’t done then it would probably become what I could be imagining. Piles off big mess.

The Big Mess Idea

If there’s an eatery brave enough, they should cycle selected tables which will not be cleaned up after patrons have eaten. It would only be cleaned after a designated period or trays will be left on the table, for newcomers to use it and clean up the table. And understandably most patrons won’t do it without a reward, maybe the eatery staff could approach these patrons and reward them with a free dish or meal for their next visit.

Now, I know you may be thinking about how it’ll affect the hygiene of the place or whatever health excuses because food is rotting away on the table..bla bla bla bla bla.

So what the eatery can also do is sponsor some meals to small groups or individuals to eat at those tables. Or, they could observe patrons who do clean up the table and approach them for the reward. Because remember, I observed others before doing it myself.

And I do not believe we have not enough Malaysians who want to eat for free and teach the younger (and older) generation about cleaning up their mess.

The next chapter of life

One of the most common questions friends have asked me and my now wife is, do you feel different? I suppose this is because they didn’t realize me and her have been having a relationship for more than 5 years. At that point in a relationship, marriage is just but an official thing to do. In addition, we’ve been living together nearly as long as we’ve been together. So, even our habits are kind of known to one another.

And speaking of the next chapter, coming up is the wedding. Some call it the big day. Others who’ve been through it recently, organizing it themselves and realizing how much you spend, would consider it a show.

To be honest, at this point of time, I couldn’t help but agree with the wifey that I can’t wait to get this over and done. Sure, I’m excited to see the results of our planning and dinner venue. However, when money is something you don’t really have but have to use, there isn’t any joy in this big day. You’re constantly thinking about if you have enough money for this and if you want this, it would then cost more. Where is the joy in that-la?!

What I’d like to do after this wedding is plan my financials for myself, wifey and kids (to come). Be disciplined in my budget while enjoying living the rest of my life.

I can’t continue living a life plagued by having to think about my financial. That is NOT living.