Dropping Malaysian quality of people

Okay, so I thought of starting with “all my life growing up in Malaysia” but the fact is the 28 years growing up in Malaysia, I’ve experienced noticeable changes in our country’s people.

I don’t have a problem with foreigners coming here for better jobs and such. However, it pisses me off feeling their not-so-good habits are influencing our culture. Any by foreigners, I’d say it even extends to the Malaysians whom came to KL from out of state.

Ignorant and arrogant motorists

If you’re my age or older, have you noticed the drivers here are now worst than what they were 10 years before. Seriously. When I first got my license, there weren’t idiots who squeezed their arrogant faces just before they can’t do it. The motorcyclist were more careful of the vehicles for the safety of their life rather than trying to be king of the road.

Making kids behave

Now as an adult, you reflect on the actions your parents did to discipline you. You get it now. Which is why you find old cartoons now lame because you actually pay attention to the scripts in them – that’s another story. I’ve noticed parents nowadays are more lax with their kids. Unlike when I was a kid, parents advised kids to not be so rowdy. Thanks to technology, you know this was coming, Apple’s iPad not only has kept the kids quiet but sometimes detached from observation. Which is why I myself am wondering how’d I bring up my kids with such technology later.

Keeping Malaysia cleaner

I don’t deny we can’t make our country spotless. But I’ve experienced enough in countries like Australia and Singapore to know, we can help keep our country; Malaysia, cleaner than what it is today. More smokers are chucking their buds out the car windows. Even normal motorist just throw their rubbish out the window. People who use parks with food or anything with disposable items don’t throw them in the bin. It keeps getting worse.

Cleanup after yourself at fast food outlets

When I was in Melbourne, I noticed patrons cleaned up after themselves when they finished their meal. It was weird for me as back in Malaysia, we never did it and I couldn’t understand why. So I decided to do the same and since then, I do it when I’m back too. It not only felt good to help others already working there, but you leave feeling proud that you did something great. Even it meant just cleaning up after yourself. Give it a try. Ignore the weird eye brows and cooks stares coming from other patrons.

People create the culture

That’s what a friend of mine said and as an adult, I understand the statement. Our parents who taught us to be better people aren’t going to be around forever. Our children are going to grow up following our discipline and habits. If we don’t start now and make others realize it, I’m more concerned our generations won’t have much of a culture.

So please stop throwing buds or rubbish out the window. Bring a black bag to the park for rubbish. Cleanup after yourself at your next McDonalds visit. Tell your relatives and friends their kids are not leaving them a good impression as a parent if they continue behaving that way.

The government is one thing. But we need better Malaysians too.

Evil intentions

While on the road today heading down to KL, I was driving behind this silver Toyota Vios on the fast lane. Out of the blue, I noticed the car drifting to the left. Judging by her leaning head to the left, it looked like she was reaching for something on the left. Well, her car maintained a straight course later. Though not for long.

Excuse my french. But the bitch started drifting to the left again. More than 3 times. I was seriously “WTF” man!!!

Her excuse

Not wanting to trust my life to her, I decided to cut her from the left and yes, she was on the fast lane! Upon passing her, I finally found out the excuse she was drifting – SMSing or fingering her mobile phone’s keypad. Fuck!!!!! Lady, if you ain’t got skills to keep your car straight while pressing the damn buttons, don’t do it-lah!

Millionaire me

If I were a millionaire, I’d bump her car backside rather than horn her. Then, when she came out of the car screaming, I’ll just hand her a cheque to fix her bumper with the message written behind:

Stop fucking using your phone while driving!

Seriously don’t get why she continued messing with her phone. I bet she even knew she was already drifting. Sigh. -.-!

Where is my One Floor?

1 Utama is pushing for patrons to sign up for their OneCard.

one card samples

Skipping the fact of earning points, the OneCard is really useful because of the preferred parking space allocated by the mall. However, this was excellent when it first started 2-3 years ago because there were so few OneCard holders – more parking space.

The dilemma

Now, if it’s a weekend at a peak hour – after 1pm, you’ll even end up circling the OneCard preferred parking space hoping to find a bay. And they’re asking more patrons now to sign up for it!

Like, hello! Maybe you could consider turning the whole floor into a preferred parking space – especially, for weekends.

God doesn’t want me to will a credit card

I never thought applying for a credit card would be such a pissing off experience. Let me begin my tale from the beginning. I decided to apply for a personal credit card so that I wouldn’t have to boggle my Dad with my spendings and I’d be able to keep Simpleet expenses more organized.

May Bank

My 1st choice was Maybank because of obvious reasons:

  1. I’ve a personal account with them.
  2. Smpleet’s account is with them.

Plus, my Dad and brother also suggested them because they said I should get approval faster since I’ve those accounts with them. But noooo, Maybank had to reject my application with such a reason every time I think about it, makes me feel like moving my account to another bank.

Their reason was: my salary slips were hand-written. -_-!!!!!!!! OMG!!

Seriously, I was so pissed off the moment I knew this. And I’m still pissed off about it.

Chinese Indian Muslim Bank

Moving on, from a bank who doesn’t recognize its own customer, I decided to give CIMB a whirl. My visit to apply at the nearest bank branch was met with too many people and there weren’t enough customer service officers. Hence, I decided to give the online application a try.

Well, I had to remind the CIMB Twitter support a couple of times to follow-up on my application. Other than that, one thing I learned from the experience was their staff emails couldn’t support ZIP files – from external emails, I think.

In the end, even CIMB rejected me because I apparently didn’t fulfill their credit limit. Which is weird because my salary is within their limit. Sigh. So there goes another bank.

City’s Bank

Yet to give up, I applied for Citibank because they had a booth at Curve while I was there with Ariel. The guy who attended to me gave a good vibe and I had a strong feeling Citibank would be my bank of choice very soon. With the Raya holidays at the time, my application was being processed, so I could only wait for good news.

Alas, Citibank also said they wouldn’t be able to accommodate at this time.

Seriously, this is when I’m already thinking to myself, God doesn’t want me to have a credit card.

Only thing now I can do – apply elsewhere

When I was discussing this with my Dad, his theory is that the annual income I declared in the application is different compared to the one in my income tax receipt. Well, it wasn’t very far off, and if this really were the case, I’m going to bring all my hard-copy documents along the next time and get the attendee to fill up the form for me.

Now, I’ve only 2 banks in mind I hope would defy God’s intention – Standard Chartered and Hong Leong Bank. Please don’t give me the lame excuse the tiger gave me.

A&W needs a makeover

Like sooooo badly. I just ate the food at what I would consider their main branch, Petaling Jaya.

My favorite coney dog has become even worst since I last ate it. There was less onions and the beef sauce itself looked like it’s not meant to be eaten. And I guess the worst part of the dog was the sausage – tough.

Despite A&W being more expensive than McD and KFC, I really wish to see this fast food make a comeback. And as I was sharing with Ariel over dinner, I personally think A&W should work on their signature products like:

  • Coney dog
  • Mozza burger
  • Root beer
  • Waffles

Their root beer served wasn’t in their signature glass (they ran out of them?) and the drink wasn’t really chilled. Sigh.

Bring back the A&W that I used to love. Otherwise, all I’ll be able to tell my kids is how I used to pull the A&W bear’s tail.