Evil intentions

While on the road today heading down to KL, I was driving behind this silver Toyota Vios on the fast lane. Out of the blue, I noticed the car drifting to the left. Judging by her leaning head to the left, it looked like she was reaching for something on the left. Well, her car maintained a straight course later. Though not for long.

Excuse my french. But the bitch started drifting to the left again. More than 3 times. I was seriously “WTF” man!!!

Her excuse

Not wanting to trust my life to her, I decided to cut her from the left and yes, she was on the fast lane! Upon passing her, I finally found out the excuse she was drifting – SMSing or fingering her mobile phone’s keypad. Fuck!!!!! Lady, if you ain’t got skills to keep your car straight while pressing the damn buttons, don’t do it-lah!

Millionaire me

If I were a millionaire, I’d bump her car backside rather than horn her. Then, when she came out of the car screaming, I’ll just hand her a cheque to fix her bumper with the message written behind:

Stop fucking using your phone while driving!

Seriously don’t get why she continued messing with her phone. I bet she even knew she was already drifting. Sigh. -.-!