A&W needs a makeover

Like sooooo badly. I just ate the food at what I would consider their main branch, Petaling Jaya.

My favorite coney dog has become even worst since I last ate it. There was less onions and the beef sauce itself looked like it’s not meant to be eaten. And I guess the worst part of the dog was the sausage – tough.

Despite A&W being more expensive than McD and KFC, I really wish to see this fast food make a comeback. And as I was sharing with Ariel over dinner, I personally think A&W should work on their signature products like:

  • Coney dog
  • Mozza burger
  • Root beer
  • Waffles

Their root beer served wasn’t in their signature glass (they ran out of them?) and the drink wasn’t really chilled. Sigh.

Bring back the A&W that I used to love. Otherwise, all I’ll be able to tell my kids is how I used to pull the A&W bear’s tail.