Yawn, I Could Not Sleep

I’m up. Not sure why but I’m up.

Some say it’s good to wake up early. But I haven’t caught the minimum 7-8 hours of sleep. Though some say, you’ll live even with only 6 hours of sleep a day. If you sleep less than that, go get a consultation for being an insomniac.


One of the things I dislike when I’m suddenly awake is, I am awake. It isn’t so much the feeling where your body knows it’s awake. But, your brain.

Whenever it starts moving its gears, I can’t continue sleeping. No matter how dark my room or how long I lie in bed and close my eyes, I just won’t be able to continue sleeping. Unless, I’m totally exhausted or I’m committed to lie in bed for another 2-3 hours to just fall asleep again for another 1-2 hours.

What a waste of time and energy. So, here I am awake now.

Probably I could get some early work done. On this rainy early Friday morning. Hmm.

Uncle, Please Stop Sneezing On My Oranges

Me and Ariel were at Giant Kelana Jaya shopping for tonight’s BBQ. It was packed as usual being a weekend, plus Chinese New Year is nearing. Families were stocking up on the booze, instant coffee, mandarin oranges, diapers (yes, we saw some with like 4-5 bags) and other necessities.

One of the items on our shopping list was to buy fruits for a special dessert I’ve ordered from one of Simpleet’s website design clients. It’s going to be a surprise for the attendees and a lost for the absentees. ๐Ÿ˜› Because this dessert isn’t officially being sold in Malaysia yet.

While I was selecting some of the smaller sized oranges, I noticed other shoppers picking them too. Then, this uncle on the other side let out sneezes (wife beside him).


My God, he didn’t even bother covering his nose! By the way, just because you don’t sneeze with a loud “ah choo” mouth wide doesn’t mean it’s okay to sneeze openly. Ew.

I was really pissed off to find this mature uncle pausing his picking to sneeze like that! TWICE! In my mind, I straight away thought “goodness, it’s going all over the oranges! f*ck!” He was contaminating the fruits right beneath him and God knows where else the sneeze flew.

And to make it even more disgusting, his nose had a long streak which leaked out and fell on his shirt. Eeeeeewwwwww.

Seriously, if you go grocery shopping with anyone who does this, they make us look like we still live in trees!

The Bigger or Smaller, The More Egotistical

Driving on Malaysia roads can be stressful. But in passing the time especially during traffic congestions, I’ve observed a weird finding based on the vehicles being driven on our roads.

The smaller or bigger the vehicle, the more egotistical the drivers are in those vehicles. I’d like to call upon evidence 2-010-A.



In particular, the kapchai models. They’re affordable, agile and averagely speedy. Because of these characteristics, some riders think they’re the king of the road.

From hogging the lane, squeezing through and hitting your side mirrors to beating the light. Just because ย the oncoming car isn’t very near, they want to be Evel Knievel for a few minutes. Some even do it when the oncoming traffic light had just turned green.

Next, I’d like to call on evidence 2-010-B.



They’re definitely “munsters” on the road. I’ve rarely seen any respecting bus drivers on the road. If there were, I can count only a handful, 1 hand. The egotistical ones choose to stop nearly anywhere along the road, like taxis!

The buses I’ve seen especially worrisome are express buses. While driving behind them, they’re on the roads at 100-120km/h. Why in the world are there 80-90km/h stickers then! And they maneuver like they’re driving, taxis!

Final evidence I’d like to call on is 2-010-C.



They are the creme de la creme. Just because they’ve brute strength and size, they’ve every right to stare at you and blame you for not giving them way! But I find the worst ones, are the ones which park anywhere. Even if it meant blocking the road.

Has the jury made a decision?

Is the smallest vehicle or the largest vehicle, the most egotistical? ๐Ÿ˜›