Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank

Joining the Xiaomi Malaysia online sale once again, I was determined this time to walkaway with my aimed Xiaomi 10400mAh power bank. Alas, it was wishful thinking because I had to settle for the Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank version instead.

Xiaomi Malaysia 5200mAh power bank

If you searched the power bank online, you’ll find some images which show it nicely packed in a clear plastic casing.

No clear plastic casing
No clear plastic casing

This wasn’t the case for the one I bought and had to pay MYR15 for the shipping to boot. Why? Because Xiaomi Malaysia only provides free shipping for orders above MYR50.

What you’ll get in the power bank box are:

  1. Manual
  2. Power bank
  3. Charging cable (less than 9 inches long)
xiaomi-powerbank-5200mah 002
Bottom of Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank

If you didn’t know about the 5200mAh specifications, you can find the input and output details at the bottom of the power bank. For the 5200mAh verison, its output is 1.5A – better than 1.0, but I’d prefer 2.0.

xiaomi-powerbank-5200mah 003
Top of the Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank

On the top of it, its the switch to power on the power bank. micro to USB port, USB port and the charging LEDs. Then, if I didn’t have anything better to do, I plugged the charging cable in both those ports. Yea, I’m weird that way sometimes.

But here’s a funny fact for you. The LED status is counted from the one nearest to the port toward the outside.

Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank LED status
Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank LED status

If we took the above picture as an example, that’s the LED 1 and LED 2 being lit at this moment. This status means the power bank is only at 50% charge or less.


Then, because we are sometimes lazy to RTFM (hover over the word to know what it means), here’s a scan of the page which tells you what the LEDs mean during charging and discharging.

Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank manual
Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank manual

Lastly, weight of this powerbank is not heavy and not light – makes it just nice. However, I would caution you from dropping it because though the aluminium casing feels good, I can’t stop thinking a dent will happen when dropped.

I hope this quick introduction of the Xiaomi 5200mAh power bank was useful to you and best of luck grabbing one this coming Tuesday.

My home-made MSI Enjoy 71 review video experiment

I’ve always wanted to try this; recording myself doing a product review video with the product in my hands. It’s poked my curiosity on how do others record themselves and I finally know now – kinda. Doing this experimental MSI Enjoy 71 review video was a worthwhile experience. Plus, this was different than the time I had help from friends and I was the so-called host of the video.

Once I had the camera set up behind me, I realized it had to be recorded at an angle (otherwise, you’d see the back of my head) and I had to also sit at an angle so that all you see were my hands.

Recording setup
Recording setup

The MSI Enjoy 71 Review

After coaxing my friend (with a few drinks) to borrow his new MSI Enjoy 71, which he bought only for RM499 at the Midvalley IT Fair, he agreed to let me use it for this experiment.

MSI Enjoy 71
MSI Enjoy 71

So without further due, this was my 1st product review video; the MSI Enjoy 71 review.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1onvuCXL7sM&feature=share&list=PL1OAmu2mDlQL2sG4eoOgTKEiWW4U1712I]

By the time I completed my MSI Enjoy 71 review video, I realized the length for each shot was rather long. My initial expectation was that I wouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes per video. But even my unboxing video during the MSI Enjoy 71 review had to be edited down to 4 minutes from like 8 minutes. Eep!

The only thoughts I had to overcome this challenge was either I talk less or I had to break up the MSI Enjoy 71 review video into few parts. Because the moment I started recording about the gaming experience and device settings, I was going way over 10 minutes!

Overall, on the plus side is now I know how to setup a camera to record myself to do a product video review. Especially from an angle which you needn’t worry whether you had to be good looking or not. 😛

Oh. And I found out that I could just plug my headset with a microphone to my camcorder. Neat!