Personal journal of Danny Foo, BAM

November 23, 2011… Completed mockup for coal company, but still unsatisfied. Ended up banking in a cheque at Public Bank instead of Maybank because they couldn’t recognize the account. Completed watching episode 4 of Doogie Howser MD. Hence, this entry.


God doesn’t want me to will a credit card

I never thought applying for a credit card would be such a pissing off experience. Let me begin my tale from the beginning. I decided to apply for a personal credit card so that I wouldn’t have to boggle my Dad with my spendings and I’d be able to keep Simpleet expenses more organized.

May Bank

My 1st choice was Maybank because of obvious reasons:

  1. I’ve a personal account with them.
  2. Smpleet’s account is with them.

Plus, my Dad and brother also suggested them because they said I should get approval faster since I’ve those accounts with them. But noooo, Maybank had to reject my application with such a reason every time I think about it, makes me feel like moving my account to another bank.

Their reason was: my salary slips were hand-written. -_-!!!!!!!! OMG!!

Seriously, I was so pissed off the moment I knew this. And I’m still pissed off about it.

Chinese Indian Muslim Bank

Moving on, from a bank who doesn’t recognize its own customer, I decided to give CIMB a whirl. My visit to apply at the nearest bank branch was met with too many people and there weren’t enough customer service officers. Hence, I decided to give the online application a try.

Well, I had to remind the CIMB Twitter support a couple of times to follow-up on my application. Other than that, one thing I learned from the experience was their staff emails couldn’t support ZIP files – from external emails, I think.

In the end, even CIMB rejected me because I apparently didn’t fulfill their credit limit. Which is weird because my salary is within their limit. Sigh. So there goes another bank.

City’s Bank

Yet to give up, I applied for Citibank because they had a booth at Curve while I was there with Ariel. The guy who attended to me gave a good vibe and I had a strong feeling Citibank would be my bank of choice very soon. With the Raya holidays at the time, my application was being processed, so I could only wait for good news.

Alas, Citibank also said they wouldn’t be able to accommodate at this time.

Seriously, this is when I’m already thinking to myself, God doesn’t want me to have a credit card.

Only thing now I can do – apply elsewhere

When I was discussing this with my Dad, his theory is that the annual income I declared in the application is different compared to the one in my income tax receipt. Well, it wasn’t very far off, and if this really were the case, I’m going to bring all my hard-copy documents along the next time and get the attendee to fill up the form for me.

Now, I’ve only 2 banks in mind I hope would defy God’s intention – Standard Chartered and Hong Leong Bank. Please don’t give me the lame excuse the tiger gave me.