The next chapter of life

One of the most common questions friends have asked me and my now wife is, do you feel different? I suppose this is because they didn’t realize me and her have been having a relationship for more than 5 years. At that point in a relationship, marriage is just but an official thing to do. In addition, we’ve been living together nearly as long as we’ve been together. So, even our habits are kind of known to one another.

And speaking of the next chapter, coming up is the wedding. Some call it the big day. Others who’ve been through it recently, organizing it themselves and realizing how much you spend, would consider it a show.

To be honest, at this point of time, I couldn’t help but agree with the wifey that I can’t wait to get this over and done. Sure, I’m excited to see the results of our planning and dinner venue. However, when money is something you don’t really have but have to use, there isn’t any joy in this big day. You’re constantly thinking about if you have enough money for this and if you want this, it would then cost more. Where is the joy in that-la?!

What I’d like to do after this wedding is plan my financials for myself, wifey and kids (to come). Be disciplined in my budget while enjoying living the rest of my life.

I can’t continue living a life plagued by having to think about my financial. That is NOT living.