Meet thy neighbour

Here’s a little back story of thy neighbour. At one time, when they moved in to our neighbourhood not too long ago, their car was jacked from their house in the wee hours of the night. What enslued after was unexpected, because I heard they blamed us for our sturdily built garbage can holder made of brick outside our house, which they suspect aided the thief to steal their vehicle. (-_-)

Then on a previous festival day, thy neighbour wanted to party with their friends which we’re cool with it. However, because thy neighbour needed to extend their property onto the road like the big fiestas and thy neighbour’s fortress is located beside ours, naturally the traffic flow in front of our quarters was affected as well – which we understood.

But we had no phreaking idea thy neighbour was to allow their kin to park their chariots so near their blasted tent as though they owned the stretch of the road. (-_-)!

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right?

After that, my side had a talk with thy neighbour to express our concerns of such arrangement. Though I wasn’t present at those times, I heard discussions somewhat broke down and soon became drama, as if the gangs of east side and west side weren’t happy of neither crossing their borders boundaries.

And becase I’ve not directly faced thy neighbour since they moved in, I had always given them the benefit of the doubt…until the siesta happened this year again.

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right? right?

So I decided to walk over and have a talk with thy neighbour about what I observed previously with their kins chariots. And boy, I had never thought for someone you met for the first time, impressions of them could drop so low, as if they only saw you as the enemy.

All I wanted to do was talk to thy neighbour and share my past observation as well as concern. Plus, because I’ve not met thy neighbour in person, I was hopeful they’d at least be friendly to hear me out.

But all thy neighbour felt was the scorn of my presence when they came out to meet me. So much so, thy neigbour interrupted me in the middle of my expression and just went “so…what is the point you’re trying to tell me?” (-_-)!!

So I jumped to the part of the chariots and all thy neighbour said back was “excuse me, it’s chinese new year…be reasoanble…if my friends wish to park their cars there, why can’t they…they’re not blocking your entrance right?!” (-_-)!!!

If you were with me at the time, you would see the eyes of thy neighbour who only had frustration and chaos awaiting to be unleashed from the fiery hell.

Credits to PSDte
Credits to PSDtech

It was no longer a talk nor discussion with thy neighbour, but a debate only wanting to be won. And though it wasn’t enough for thy neighbour to throw their statements, the next remark directed to me was one which aggravated me a little but still appauling.

“Young man…don’t be unreasonable…” (-_-)!!!!!!!!


However, calmly taking the earful, I only responded back by saying “so if there were cars blocking, could you tell them to move?”

Though thy neighbour agreed, it was with a body language so hostile it only could have been screaming “fuck off”.

So I walked away after that with my own pent up disappointment and slight anger. It is Chinese New Year after all, you don’t need to spoil it for me either. And as my mind calmed, I thought about a lesson learned from this.

Regardless of who they are, if you are meeting them for the first time, you will want to maintain a friendly demeanour.

Otherwise, karma is going to be a bitch.

Karma slapped me in the face of my car!

They say karma comes back to haunt you. Well, mine anxiously came and slap me in the face, of my car. 🙁

I’m really not sure what triggered this bad karma to be honest. It literally just started happening on Friday.

Little boy’s Daddy didn’t have his happy meal

As I was turning into a parking lot (near King Crab) on Friday, I noticed this Dad and his little boy from the passenger’s side. I knew I had enough space to turn in without hitting anyone and I didn’t want to stop traffic behind me. But as I turned in, I heard a light knock on my car. I looked at my side mirror to find the Dad walking his kid to the back of his MPV but didn’t notice anything wrong. So I continued to move forward and park my car.

Then again, I heard a knock and when I looked to the side, the Dad had a face like he never got his happy meal. Puzzled by the situation after parking, I turned off the engine and got out of the car and asked; what was wrong? In his grumpy face (like I steam rolled over him) he said, “you never saw the kid ar?!”

So I responded back in a firm tone as he did to me, that I did and then he lashed back, “why didn’t you stop then?!” Hence, I answered assuringly I had enough space to go in without hitting anyone. And to be honest, how the f*ck could I hit anyone with the side of my car while I moved in like a snail! Macam his kid going to climb below my car while he held his kid’s hand?! -_-”

Before Daddy tried to fork me, I just apologized and walked off. I looked at the wife and thought how an embarrassing moment this could’ve been for her husband. As much as he was doing his Daddy’s duty there. Because I honestly still think, it was all uncalled for.

The Myvi and AAM

On the next day at night, Ariel called me in panic because the Myvi she took to work couldn’t start. I drove over to see what the problem was and first thought came to mind was the battery.

I asked my Dad to help call AAM since I’ve not registered with them yet. Once AAM arrived, the mechanic asked me to try starting the car to see if it was the battery. The guy took out a battery from his van and installed it into the MyVi. After being instructed to start the car, it came back to life! Hooray!

But I suppose champagne popping was too early. The very next day when we wanted to get lunch, the car was dead – again. Same problem of not being able to start and worst of is no electronics work. In addition, do note if you drive a MyVi, you can’t manually lock your car boot if all electronics are dead. At least, I know I couldn’t.

So this morning, a friend’s a mechanic came over to look at the MyVi. He said the battery seemed like it was dead. When he switched out the battery, the car was fine again. He was great to loan me his battery while he takes back the AAM unit to charge. He wants to rule out the hunch AMM may have supplied me with a faulty battery.

My friend on Facebook however, told me it may be something wrong with the alternator. A device which helps charge the car battery or something like it. I’m unsure of this but hope it’s only the battery.

Karma really wanted to fork me

After half a day of meetings, I was on the way to bank in money to Simpleet’s account. Malaysia seriously must improve their road system because this accident left 2 victims; me and the blue BMW.

I'm the red pill

As illustrated amateurishly, there were 2 lanes and those were the exact arrows on the road. When the traffic light turned green, I followed the arrow and headed straight and little did I know, the car on my left (blue pill) decided to make a right turn instead.

After hitting, he immediately stopped further in front while our cars were hindering traffic a little. We got down to assess the damage and I noticed the medium sized dent in his back door while my car had a smaller dent with paint transfer (sounds like CSI).

The first thing he said, “I was signalling” and asked why didn’t I signal I was going straight. Well, based on the road directions as drawn out in white arrows, I technically wouldn’t have to signal if I was going straight. So I answered him, “how was I suppose to signal if I wanted to go straight? Do I signal left?”

Instead of making an argument in the middle of the road, I asked him if we could move to the side where we didn’t block traffic. We stopped at a nearby building, came down from our cars to assess the damage again.

Honestly, I knew his car would be worst of than mine because it’s a BMW and his dent was much larger. When he started the conversation to ask how this would be settled. I told him, “we’re both not in the wrong. I can’t blame you and you can’t blame me”. He extended his arm out with an agreeing open palm to shake on it and smiled before we both left.

Because honestly, we’re both victims here of the bad road system and if we wanted to blame anyone, I’d blame the one who decided on those arrows!

After my banking business, I thought back to why karma couldn’t wait to slap me these following days.

Was it the Daddy without the happy meal? Was it the discussion I had before my banking business? Or, have I had a streak of good luck and to balance it, I had to accept this bad luck?

Well, I would never know. And as I believe in the Secret, I would have to accept what has happened and merely look forward to continue filling my mind with positive thoughts.

I guess my act of giving this month will be to help my Dad fix up the car and give business to the mechanic I’ll meet to fix the dent soon. As some say; the more you give, the more you will receive. 🙂