Why I’m unhappy with this Tourism Malaysia commercial

After watching the above supposedly official commercial, I was wondering…

Is this really the video used worldwide to promote my Malaysia?

As a Malaysian, I do appreciate our traditions. However, I can’t whole heartedly accept and be proud of this commercial because, to me…

50% shows nature

48% shows traditions

1% shows events

1% shows only Kuala Lumpur city

I felt like I’m living in a 3rd world country

Seriously. I get that our country is still filled with lush greenery and there is a LOT of it. But… I felt like I was a Malaysian who still lives in the jungle. Ouch.

And as much as I appreciate our traditions, watching all those traditional activities on top of feeling like I lived in the jungle, made me feel like I am now a citizen of a country with almost no progress. Ouch ouch.

By the way, what’s with showing clips of events without telling viewers what events they are?! #facepalm Why couldn’t it have been mentioned; GT race; LIMA and more?! #facepalmfacepalm Also, what happened to other international events like F1, golf, philharmonic orchestra, concerts and the list can go on and on. Sigh.

Then what I found sad was how the video could only show Kuala Lumpur city. As if it was the ONLY city in Malaysia. (I’ve face-palmed myself until I’m sore at this point)

Well, if you’re a tourist to so happen read this, please note we have 14 states in Malaysia. There is a West coast and East coast.

I pray this is not the only commercial

If it was, I’d feel rather disappointed being a Malaysian.

A country so rich with nature (yes), filled with great contemporary balance between tradition and modern lifestyle, together with many ethnicities living amongst each other and paving forward with many successful Malaysia business leaders…

All hidden. Soon lost.