1 reason only to watch Piranha 3DD

The first piranha movie I watched was back in the 90s. And I couldn’t believe how many piranha movies there were when I tried to IMDB the one I watched. Gosh!

After watching the recent Piranha movie, I thought it would’ve ended. But no, someone had to have the huge piranha jumping out of the water to take a head off. *facepalm*

Anyway, this sequel to me had less scenes of piranha scoffing and more fan service as what we’d call it in some anime. This I would say is probably the only reason you’d watch Piranha 3DD.

Keep it in your pants

Besides that, as coined in Wikipedia as a comedic horror film, I’d lie if I didn’t laugh at scenes involving a water tank humper and the piranha biting a dude’s penis. *bang head on table*

So if you’re in the mood for something to just fill the time with while you do your homework, this could be one of those to watch. And don’t forget to lift your head to look out for this later.

Bouncing boobies

Uh-hurm. Are those really double Ds?! (O_O)

Pursuing Happyness

Just completed watching the Pursuit of Happyness produced by Will Smith. It was one of those films for me like Paying It Forward. Relating to real life issues and what if scenarios. Except this was more about how life is when you’re living by the end of your wallet, with a son to care and what it takes for you to become happy.

It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to lose all of what you have, when you only had a quarter of what you may have wanted.

This film to me delivered an important lesson that money (as much as we hate it at times) makes the world work. Without money, you’ve no roof over your head, you’re constantly stressed tomorrow, you’d almost do anything to make amends and it pushes you to your limits.

I know my parents have worked hard. I feel terrible having to still need their support. I worry about whether what I earn is enough. And when I was watching Chris Gardner, my only thought was “I never want to be in that situation”.

Hitting a real low

In our economical condition, where properties are through the roof, children are spending more than saving, both parents are forced to work and many graduates say it’s tough looking for a job, what would our children’s future be if we don’t start now.

Change is good. Good change is for the better.

Do you know what change is better for you?

Cars 2 Movie Review

Cars 2 is the bomb! Though me and Ariel couldn’t get normal tickets for the movie. It was still a great movie to have watched – even in 3D. Personally, I felt there wasn’t enough angles to take advantage of the 3D factor, nevertheless an animated movie was super sharp in 3D. Awesome!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFTfAdauCOo]

The start of the movie kicked off with awesome spy-like James Bond action and the soundtrack gave that added impact to it – superb. This is one of the best sequels I’ve seen this year.

Without a doubt, this movie’s going to be a keeper – like Cars 1.

Partaying Pulp Fiction style

Yesterday night was a double event extravaganza for me. After attending the short session at WebcampKL, me and Ariel headed off to our friend’s birthday party. But since we were there earlier, with partially empty stomachs – gobbled some pizza at WebcampKL, we decided to nom a proper dinner.

As we finished chowing down on the om nom food at Fat Spoon Cafe, they started rearranging furniture in preparation for the partay of the night.

cafe transformationThe shifted tables to the side reminded me and Ariel of the classroom setting we used to do in schools whenever we needed to make space. Once the space was made, staff brought in few rolls of carpets and stacks of pillows. It was becoming like a sleepover. LOL! 😛

party foodOther than the nachos, there was popcorn which was repacked into nice paper cones and arranged on an egg rack – neato! These were just some of the tidbits while we had special condiments as it was a private function. 😛

screening and stickersIt was a night of fun fun fun and more fun. Our friend distributed stickers quoted from the movie, set the environment with large posters from Pulp Fiction including a private screening whilst everyone was mingling. And you guessed it, some of our other friends came dressed for the occasion – Pulp Fiction stylo. 🙂

I guess as you mature, musical chairs are a thing of the past, replaced with more sophistication and grown up fun. ROFL!

It was a great night and do share what was your recent themed party.