Xiaomi prizes from China arrived!

The Xiaomi Malaysia forums were holding an early photography contest and thought to myself, why not give it a go. Theme of the contest was “I Love MY Mi” in conjunction with the ongoing Visit Malaysia campaigns.

The criteria of the contest were:

  1. Phrase “I Love my Mi” must be included into the photo without being post-processed (Photoshop, mobile apps etc).
  2. Photo be someting Malaysian.

Because prizes were rather atractive, you could guess there were a ton of entries being posted in the forum. However, quite a number of entries may have not been shortlisted as criteria #1 wasn’t met accurately.

The forgotten pasar malam

After giving the critera some thought and observing what others had submitted, I decided to go with the following idea:

Before the supermarkets, “pasar malam” (night market) was an activity where many Malaysian families together with their children visited to purchase weekly groceries and spend time with each other. Sometimes, you still see parents educating their curious kids whilst they point at the fresh fish, colourful fruits or even biscuits. This family activity is slowly being replaced by the supermarkets being built nearby.

And this was my submitted entry:

I heart my Mi
I heart my Mi

After having submitted this, I was feeling worried because the landmark of Malaysia I did isn’t as glorious and famous like KLCC, nor is it historical.

Then it became encouraging to read the user comments from around the world who voted for this photo. I tip my hat and thank you truly from my heart. 🙂

Logistic challenges

It took almost a month to have the prizes delivered to my doorstep. From what I know having communicated with Xiaomi’s forum team, it was due to the customs here. #facepalm

Still I’m glad when it finally made it here and thank you to the team over there for following up on my case to make sure the prizes got to me. Lo and behold the winnings below.

Xiaomi goodies from Left: World cup t-shirt, Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank, mobile strap, orange Mi3 cover, mousepad (below), MiBunny keychain, MiBunny soft toy, limited edition MiBunny powerbank and to the right, leather cover notebook (I love this!).

Thanks again Xiaomi Malaysia for hosting the contest and its users for allowing me to win this time. 🙂