Why I Like It Longer

When I was a boy, it was one of the first places I discovered. The place where all joy would rush through my veins. It would always make me happy especially after long trainings. Soon, it became one of the things I always looked forward to, especially with many people.

But, something happened as years passed. I noticed, it was, not becoming longer. It left me nothing but disappointment because:

[swf]https://iam.dannyfoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/hand.swf, 500, 300[/swf]

Just as the animation tells, wieners are meant to be longer, not shorter! Who’d ever heard of a 1 inch long wiener. With such a short wiener, you could have two in your mouth at a time and swallow it whole. That ain’t value for money!

Which is why, I decided to convert from a being a wiener lover to a chocolate lover. Not only does it melt in your hand, but in your mouth too. And, it’s especially great for winning hearts – both males and females.

And being a chocolate lover, has its advantages.

Chocolate goes well with almost ANYTHING!

Even dog?

Chocolate destresses your day!


Chocolate can be art!


Chocolate can lower blood cholestrol and blood pressure!


Chocolate gives you energy!


And ultimately, chocolate is a symbol of love and persuasion!

There is chocolate in his ear!

Instant Romeo I tell you. Therefore, how not to be a chocolate lover.

And to make chocolate even more exciting, you can even bring it anywhere now. The living room, the bedroom and even, the toilet. It’s evolved to a stage you can even make calls on it!

Ladies and gents, I present to you the LG BL40 Chocolate mobile phone. 🙂

why i like it longer

Now, I’d prefer a longer chocolate than a shorter wiener. And if you hadn’t figured it out, wieners are also sausages.

So you may now stop 2nd guessing and also, replacing your sausages with the male anatomy. Thank you very much.