How to surprise your girlfriend or wife on Valentines Day

Okay, so Valentine’s Day had passed and I’ve been meaning to publish this to not only write about the recent surprise I gave the wifey, but I also thought maybe I could write something on how to possibly surprise your other half – maybe for next year.

Valentine’s Day 2014

It’s not every year, on this very day, I’d give her a surprise. Because after all, some ladies prefer random surprises instead.

Anyway, this year I had an idea come to mind when I was looking at the windows in my room. I wanted to create a cutout message which she’d find when opening the curtains in the morning.

Having this thought in mind, I started thinking of wrapping paper, one with polka dots (in my room) because by cutting the holes in accordance to the dots, it could at as a guide for me to craft my message. Now, because I couldn’t use the existing paper, otherwise she’d notice it missing, I went out shopping.

Bought from Daiso
Bought from Daiso

I managed to find the polka dot paper I wanted, along with the cutely shaped hole puncher from Daiso. Feeling good about the plan coming along, I soon faced a predicament.

The hole puncher couldn’t be used because it wouldn’t be reachable towards the inner area of the paper – even if I did this letter by letter. T_T

So I was left without other options but to cut the shapes manually by creasing the paper and cutting the shapes. Yes, all those hearts had to be manually cut. Though I later noticed I misjudged the spacing between the dots for 1 of the characters – it made a bigger hole. -_-!

To be honest, the idea was much more grander in my head before I actually started doing it. From a longer message, I had to cut it to 3 characters though the fun part was coming – the surprise.

Testing out the idea
Testing out the idea

You see, we normally close the curtains at night and open them again in the morning. And I couldn’t stick the message at night because she’d be home from work. So, too excited that night about this scheme, my body automatically woke me up at 3am.

In the middle of the night, like a creative madman, I got out of bed and sneakily pasted the message on the window behind the curtains. Though I had to be careful to not rustle the curtains too much otherwise it might wake her. But, sticking was a success! 😀

The first surprise was pulled off and my heart could finally beat calmly for a few seconds. Oh, and I actually prepared a 2nd surprise while in the night – hidden bookmark in between her book which she uses during 1 of her classes the following day. *grin*

Alas, 2nd plan didn’t turn out as planned as well because she decided to skip class. Nonetheless, it was still a fun project and she did find the bookmark in the end.

My Valentines Days

Me and a friend were discussing how commercialized Valentines Day had become. Flowers; specifically roses, had become overly priced on such a date and you’d expect to pay double or triple the cost if you ordered even 1 week before. *phew*

Retracing back my Valentines Days

Thinking back when I first started celebrating Valentines Day, it’s really a kids event to me now. For the adult, probably an excuse to be romantic with your other half.

Some even say you'll get lucky

I don’t recall my first Valentines but here’s some of the stuff I’ve done for Valentines Day before.

  1. Bought 1 rose for a girl in primary school.
  2. Made a Valentines Day card.
  3. Wrote a sappy love letter back in primary school.
  4. Gave a set of silver earrings and necklace to a friend.
  5. Got an overly priced box and filled it with Hershey’s Kisses to be given to another friend.
  6. Had dinner and watched a midnight movie.
  7. Bought a bouquet of roses for my now fiance and got it delivered to her in college.
  8. Lastly, bought my fiance one of her favourite drinks. Story follows.

This year’s Valentines Day, I wanted to surprise Ariel by meeting up with her for dinner before her Japanese class because I normally wouldn’t. So once I was parked nearby her language centre, I messaged her casually asking if she had left work yet – she didn’t suspect a thing. Win!

Unfortunately, traffic was horrendous making her unable to attend class so she called to tell me she’s headed home.

Instead of just leaving right away, I changed the surprise. I told her that I’ll see her at home, as I was getting her a cup of bubble tea – still without her suspecting. When I saw her at home, I gave her the bubble tea and just wished her happy valentines day. She was happy enough to put on her smile for me. 🙂

Though every girl may expect a gift. It doesn’t have to be judged by its price tag. Being with them is more important.

By the way, that friend of mine who I was talking about the roses said in Cameron, cost of a rose is around only RM1.50. So, how much did you spend on roses this year?

Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

After some imagination probing to write the blog contest entry; My Valentine’s Day, organized by Nuffnang, it was paid off with a pair of free tickets. 🙂

The screening was on Tuesday and who else would I have gone with, other than Ariel. But I had added fun at this screening, because I bumped into @jenkinyat, @icednyior and @bryanlyt.

Although we were there before 8:30pm, a queue of bloggers already formed to redeem their tickets. Plus, the Nuffies weren’t there on time so the line grew nearly as long as the Cineleisure available counters.

Why I don't like it longer

The benefit being friends with other bloggers is you don’t mind them joining you in the queue – me, at least. Noticing Yatz trying to “bodek” one of the Nuffies, I just told him it’s alright to redeem with me. Bloggers are like buddies once you get to know them. 🙂

On to the movie review

The movie; Valentine’s Day, is the first romance comedy (and I think only one) released for this love directed day. By the end of the movie, I was telling Ariel I really liked the storyline.

I could feel a happy-happy joy-joy beginning, then transitioned to an uh-oh scenario to an awwww ending. But I think it’s the fact they managed to intertwine the character’s life as it came to an end. So it all played out well.

Though with a star studded cast, I believe even an all-time Academy Award actor or actress wouldn’t be able to save a movie it it were bad. But no worries here, the movie was good. 🙂

However, if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, I’d probably not ask you to watch. You just might end up bashing the producer/director or author of whoever wrote this movie. Let’s just say, dumb blonde. And leave it as that.

And I’ve a question about the after credits.

Was there an additional scene with Jessica Alba?

Because I get the feeling she had something missing.

My Valentine’s Day

With a Hollywood celebrity, I wish. But no harm imagining or dreaming about it, right? So, between a whole list of celebrities like:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Kathy Bates
  • Jessica Biel
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Queen Latifah
  • Shirley MacLaine
  • Emma Roberts
  • Julia Roberts
  • Taylor Swift

For some reason, I’d choose Anne Hathaway over the super hot Jessica Alba. It was a difficult choice between Julia Roberts too because, I mean, she’s Julia Roberts!

So what would a valentine’s day be if an Academy Award Winner like Anne Hathaway and me have? Well, I’m going to be realistic about this dream but not boring. Good luck to me. 😉

In Flight Entertainment

aeroplane photo

Obviously, if she were traveling to Malaysia she’d need to fly. So what better way than asking Malaysia Airlines if I could steal a 30 second slot in their video segment. I’d use the 30-seconds to introduce myself and Malaysia to Anne. Not to mention, let her know I’ll be picking her up.

The Pickup

bullock cart

It might be awesome to introduce her to our bullock cart. But I think it’ll be too much of a culture shock for her. So, I’ll probably tell her to look out for the person wearing an orange t-shirt, orange shorts and white shoes. Orange shoes would’ve probably freaked her out and be a fashion disaster!

Cruising, Talking, Breaking the ice

We’ll do our best to runaway from her sticky guards and drive off. But if that failed, then I’d politely ask if they would take the airport limo and tail us then. In the car, we’d be talking and I’d ask for her help a little by popping the dashboard compartment open.

photo album

The photo album will be filled with photos of the fun-filled things we could do in Malaysia. This would be a great ice breaker for us to get to know one another and plan the next agenda.

Beautiful Malaysia, Beautiful Anne

night view

For food, I’d definitely ask her to try our famous local cuisines like nasi lemak, satay, roti canai and others. However, as dusk would fall, it’s time to do something a little different. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had fireworks?

Dine Up

hot air balloon

Indeed, we’d be hovering near the skies and the clouds. Having a sumptuous dinner all cooked and served in the hot air balloon. And because there won’t be enough space for her bodyguards, they may choose to hang on the anchor rope if they’d like. 😛

Ending With Panache


As it turned to night, now it was finally time to end our lovely evening. Nothing’s better than being able to walk along the beach among the cool breeze. But because I wanted to end the night with panache, I’d give Anne her own private fireworks display over the open sea.

The fireworks would lit and write, “thank you, you are more real than any fairy tale.”

Farewell Gift


Image credits: annnna

And at the end of this fairy tale, we’ll have ourselves a polaroid photo to remember this moment. A plain guy from Malaysia who celebrated his Valentine’s with an Academy Award Winner like Anne Hathaway.