Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

After some imagination probing to write the blog contest entry; My Valentine’s Day, organized by Nuffnang, it was paid off with a pair of free tickets. 🙂

The screening was on Tuesday and who else would I have gone with, other than Ariel. But I had added fun at this screening, because I bumped into @jenkinyat, @icednyior and @bryanlyt.

Although we were there before 8:30pm, a queue of bloggers already formed to redeem their tickets. Plus, the Nuffies weren’t there on time so the line grew nearly as long as the Cineleisure available counters.

Why I don't like it longer

The benefit being friends with other bloggers is you don’t mind them joining you in the queue – me, at least. Noticing Yatz trying to “bodek” one of the Nuffies, I just told him it’s alright to redeem with me. Bloggers are like buddies once you get to know them. 🙂

On to the movie review

The movie; Valentine’s Day, is the first romance comedy (and I think only one) released for this love directed day. By the end of the movie, I was telling Ariel I really liked the storyline.

I could feel a happy-happy joy-joy beginning, then transitioned to an uh-oh scenario to an awwww ending. But I think it’s the fact they managed to intertwine the character’s life as it came to an end. So it all played out well.

Though with a star studded cast, I believe even an all-time Academy Award actor or actress wouldn’t be able to save a movie it it were bad. But no worries here, the movie was good. 🙂

However, if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, I’d probably not ask you to watch. You just might end up bashing the producer/director or author of whoever wrote this movie. Let’s just say, dumb blonde. And leave it as that.

And I’ve a question about the after credits.

Was there an additional scene with Jessica Alba?

Because I get the feeling she had something missing.