How Simpleet started

Simpleet is the website design company me and my partner; Hawk, started. However, we never started Simpleet as Simpleet. So I’d like to share how we started Simpleet and keep this as my note of historical events.

Back in the days

Me and Hawk made our first contact in our secondary school years. It so happened that our friend; Terry, put us in touch because I had some web questions. From then on, Hawk was always my go-to-guy when I had technical questions. However, we kind of last touch when we went to college and university.

just like fate

My lecturers in Australia had me motivated and inspired as I completed my multimedia degree. This gave me my higher purpose to return to Malaysia, help and show students interested in pursuing a career in the Internet industry that there was a future and they should pursue it if they had the passion for it.

Just like fate, a website project brought me and Hawk working together. At the time, we were both freelancing under a project manager. However, a fallout happened in a project between the customer, our project manager and even, us.

The first step

Of course, the story didn’t end there for me and Hawk because we were both doing what we loved. We both saw how our skills complemented each other and not long after distributing my business cards like confetti, we got a project from my brother’s friend.

We didn’t call the company; Danny and Hawk, or had a cool name at the time, but we did agree to start calling our makeshft company; Websites Made Simple. And because the domain was taken, the default website for our outfit was my personal domain;

People found us

Ever since we started, it’s been about people finding us through the search or having referred by friends or relatives. And I do find it weird sometimes when people say they found us online, because we never exactly optimized the website for targeted keywords. *shrug*

World of business networking

I was invited by a friend to experience word-of-mouth marketing. It was an event that started at 7:00AM in morning and all I was told was it would be a great opportunity for me to network with business owners. And honestly, the word “network” worried me and thought what I had gotten into. Because the word was easily misconceived as mutli-level networking. Thank God it wasn’t!

The organization called; BNI or Business Network International, was me and Hawk’s first serious step towards marketing our business. I really liked the idea and experience of how a room of business owners exchanged business referrals for one another AND didn’t expect commission in return. It was fantastic!

But…yes, there was a but. In order to qualify for participation, we had to be a real business with registration and all. Though this would sound embarrassing, this was the truth. When me and Hawk ran Websites Made Simple, it was sheer simplicity. All profits were split 50-50 when projects completed, that’s it.

How we ran the business changed when we joined BNI. We approached a company secretary to register our company. But we didn’t want to call it; Websites Made Simple, because it was a mouthful. And our research showed, a good name is between 2-3 syllables.

Simple 1337 gamers

We cracked our heads coming up with names. But the one which stuck is now known as; Simpleet.

It was really tough deciding on a name. So much so, I started to read articles how web company names were made – joining 2 words and how choosing a good company name is between 2-3 syllables.

One night over mamak, Hawk and I tossed names for the company. We both wanted to keep the word “simple” in our name because we built websites made simple for users. But being a mamak session, conversation detoured to games we were playing too. Then, I asked if he knew about the leet language so he told me about the hackers language and origin of 1337.

From that point, we slowly came to the name from simple and elite to simply elite then Simpleet. And the rest they would say, is history.

Simpleet’s higher purpose

I just finished reading the book; Delivering Happiness: A path to profits, passion and purpose by Tony Hsieh, CEO at Zappos. I was absorbed through the whole part of Tony talking about company culture because this was what I want in Simpleet ever since we started and I know we will be doing it.

But other than that, reading this book made me feel it’s time I sat down with Hawk to find out, what is Simpleet’s higher purpose now.

To Tony Hsieh: Thank you for writing this book and making it really real. Thank you for sharing your experience and I know that I would’ve wanted to work for Zappos if I finished my degree in the US and worked there. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration from your book. And if given the chance, I would definitely love to tour the Zappos office, experience the WOW, bump chest with you and give you a hug as a final thank you. Thank you.

BNI day and a good start to 2012

It’s been a long day for me since 6am this morning. Started with substituting a member from a sister BNI chapter. I don’t necessarily dread these mornings since I get to meet familiar faces of business owners, plus you’d be surprised how high energy a group of business people can be that early in the morning. But I suppose the joy of the morning was offering my calendar to another member because she hadn’t gotten one – that was the 1 nice thing I did today.

After the morning event, I met up with Hawk to discuss Simpleet’s new direction and what we had to do in order to move forward. It’s always easy to push back things and without realizing, it would’ve been push back and back and back. So hopefully it would stop there.

Tuesdays is what I would call my BNI day. If I substituted in the morning, I’d continue to attend my official meeting in the afternoon at 3.30pm. Between moments it wouldn’t leave me with much time to do a lot. Hence, BNI day.

Once the meeting was done, my evening appointment got cancelled and I did ponder joining my other BNI friends for mamak. However, I had work to catch up on being BNI day.

Generally, I would say my 2012 goals are onto a nice start. Hooray!

Management On Another Level

If you’ve been working long enough in 1 company, they’d decide to promote employees to a more management level. It’s to oversee others and report directly to the boss – normally.

In my case, I’m my own boss at Simpleet Solutions. But this is why I’m in management on a whole other level. Not because I answer to myself, mind you.

I look weird in suits...

Photography was done by a professional friend; Jackie Chan. Seriously, that’s his name. You can find out more about his photography work at his website.

But I’m not talking about corporate management here. I’d like to talk about management of things in life I’m very passionate about. One of them is mainly blogging.

Since 2010 started, I’ve now found myself managing 3 personal blogs. None of which I’d say is seriously considered business oriented. Sure there are ads on 2 of them, but it ain’t big money. For me, at least.

The 1 blog I’m finding it a little challenging to manage daily is the photography blog. I wanted to do Project 365 because not only it’s a good way to constantly update my blog but because it makes sure my DSLR isn’t left to collect dust.


But because it requires me to take a photo a day, sometimes it slips my mind or I end up procrastinating until the next day. Not healthy, from a management’s perspective.

Then again, like Vernon has told me, “it’s a good problem”. 🙂

I Lub Nuffnang

Despite being a new blog, I’m still happy to know I’ve the support of my close friends who read even my personal blog. And to not miss out on the many opportunities this year, I’m prepared to take the next step for this blog already.

Nuffnang, I lub you!


I’ve been a keen supporter of Nuffnang for awhile now. I wouldn’t say I started with them ever since I was blogging but when Advertlets came out, I never had a doubt of becoming Nuffie.

Because Nuffies are cool!


Image “pinjam” from Timothy’s blog.

Which other company do you know actually can tell the whole team to karaoke in the middle of the day! 😛

I am not working for them la!

My business partner at Simpleet would kill me if he found this out. LOL! But yes, it’s not that I’m working for Nuffnang. What I wanted to say was in continuous support of them, I’m only putting Nuffnang ads here.

So, do you lub Nuffnang too? 😉

2010 Resolutions

I think of resolutions like business goals this year. For example, short term goals are more realistic and easily achievable. The long term goals are the idealistic ones we want to achieve. In other words, the dream.

The 2010 resolutions I’ve made so far are:

  1. Start a project 365 on my photography blog.
  2. Continue my awareness among Malaysia bloggers.
  3. Meet up with Philip and I-Lin more often.

These are what I’d call short term goals. I’ve not really set any long term ones yet but it’ll definitely involve the love of my life; Ariel.

Maybe it’s healthier making resolutions as we usher in the new year. Then we’d know what we want and what type of resolution would it be. But if I had to make a resolution for long term right now, it would be:

Exercise more

Running a Malaysia website design company puts me behind the computer, using a lot of my time. And I definitely don’t want to be a lard in the future.

What are your 2010 resolutions so far?