Management On Another Level

If you’ve been working long enough in 1 company, they’d decide to promote employees to a more management level. It’s to oversee others and report directly to the boss – normally.

In my case, I’m my own boss at Simpleet Solutions. But this is why I’m in management on a whole other level. Not because I answer to myself, mind you.

I look weird in suits...

Photography was done by a professional friend; Jackie Chan. Seriously, that’s his name. You can find out more about his photography work at his website.

But I’m not talking about corporate management here. I’d like to talk about management of things in life I’m very passionate about. One of them is mainly blogging.

Since 2010 started, I’ve now found myself managing 3 personal blogs. None of which I’d say is seriously considered business oriented. Sure there are ads on 2 of them, but it ain’t big money. For me, at least.

The 1 blog I’m finding it a little challenging to manage daily is the photography blog. I wanted to do Project 365 because not only it’s a good way to constantly update my blog but because it makes sure my DSLR isn’t left to collect dust.


But because it requires me to take a photo a day, sometimes it slips my mind or I end up procrastinating until the next day. Not healthy, from a management’s perspective.

Then again, like Vernon has told me, “it’s a good problem”. 🙂

I am Danny Foo

A new year, a new beginning. What better way for me to celebrate 2010 with a new blog – technically. I’ve been blogging since about 2005 and longer but back then, it was a personal blog.

Like a personal blog, I was ranting about life in general from college, friends, girlfriends and other spaced out thoughts. I really missed this vast space where I could vent out my personal thoughts.

My previous personal blog is now about my passion about the Malaysia internet industry. Then in October 2009, I launched my rediscovered hobby of  photography into a blog; Cameranoob.

But I still felt I was missing a space where I can express my personal thoughts in general again. My own personal space to talk about my life in general and openly.

Thus, this is my rebirth. This is my personal blog for me to write about anything I feel I want to share with the blogosphere.

I am Danny Foo.