2010 Resolutions

I think of resolutions like business goals this year. For example, short term goals are more realistic and easily achievable. The long term goals are the idealistic ones we want to achieve. In other words, the dream.

The 2010 resolutions I’ve made so far are:

  1. Start a project 365 on my photography blog.
  2. Continue my awareness among Malaysia bloggers.
  3. Meet up with Philip and I-Lin more often.

These are what I’d call short term goals. I’ve not really set any long term ones yet but it’ll definitely involve the love of my life; Ariel.

Maybe it’s healthier making resolutions as we usher in the new year. Then we’d know what we want and what type of resolution would it be. But if I had to make a resolution for long term right now, it would be:

Exercise more

Running a Malaysia website design company puts me behind the computer, using a lot of my time. And I definitely don’t want to be a lard in the future.

What are your 2010 resolutions so far?