I Lub Nuffnang

Despite being a new blog, I’m still happy to know I’ve the support of my close friends who read even my personal blog. And to not miss out on the many opportunities this year, I’m prepared to take the next step for this blog already.

Nuffnang, I lub you!


I’ve been a keen supporter of Nuffnang for awhile now. I wouldn’t say I started with them ever since I was blogging but when Advertlets came out, I never had a doubt of becoming Nuffie.

Because Nuffies are cool!


Image “pinjam” from Timothy’s blog.

Which other company do you know actually can tell the whole team to karaoke in the middle of the day! 😛

I am not working for them la!

My business partner at Simpleet would kill me if he found this out. LOL! But yes, it’s not that I’m working for Nuffnang. What I wanted to say was in continuous support of them, I’m only putting Nuffnang ads here.

So, do you lub Nuffnang too? 😉