Men In Black 3

It was over the weekend when me and Ariel spent almost 10 hours, yes, TEN hours at the mall. I guess that proves it that we urbanites have really nothing better to do at times. But, I’ll leave that story for another day.

GSC had a new advertisement order

As we went through the whole advertisements and trailers, I noticed GSC changed the arrangement of them. Most of the time, it’ll be advertisements then trailers then the GSC introduction. Or, trailers then advertisements and then introduction. However, it was now introduction, advertisements, trailers, advertisements then trailer again.

It definitely felt very obvious because Ariel was asking me if we were watching The Amazing Spiderman. LOL! Though I do understand why she also felt that way, because the trailer seemed longer than the normal ones. Are the producers of Spiderman worried not many people are going to watch it? Come on, it’s Spiderman! Who’d miss it? 😛

Men in black wrap up

Or not? But first, let me say I watched the first movie at the premiere at Rex cinemas in Sea Park PJ. Yes, it’s been THAT long ago since Men In Black was first shown. And I clearly remember, the best dressed for men was won by a dude in a trench with a lighted up backpack character of the Toy Story alien.

Yes. This fella~

Fast forwarding to the present – unfortunately, I can’t time jump. Men In Black 3 to me captured what the film had in its first release. It had the shroud of mystery and tie-back in the film. Sure, the whole story of an organization overseeing aliens with employees dressed in black suits with black ties and black shades created a trend. But, the second movie to me wasn’t all that good. Maybe it was because they tried too hard interjecting some form of romantic relationship. Who knows?

If you’re planning on watching Men In Black 3, don’t compare it to the first. Like I said out loud over Twitter, it felt like a wrap up to the Men In Black sequel. And I hope they leave it as that.

Cars 2 Movie Review

Cars 2 is the bomb! Though me and Ariel couldn’t get normal tickets for the movie. It was still a great movie to have watched – even in 3D. Personally, I felt there wasn’t enough angles to take advantage of the 3D factor, nevertheless an animated movie was super sharp in 3D. Awesome!


The start of the movie kicked off with awesome spy-like James Bond action and the soundtrack gave that added impact to it – superb. This is one of the best sequels I’ve seen this year.

Without a doubt, this movie’s going to be a keeper – like Cars 1.

The Social Network with SMCKL and P1

I was at the movie screening; The Social Network, organized by SMCKL which coincidentally was supported by P1 and Tanjong Golden Village cinemas – can’t remember the last time I called it by it’s full name. It was held at TGV’s new cinema in Wangsa Walk Mall in Wangsa Maju and the mall was quite a distance from where I lived, like 30-40 minutes drive using MRR2.

Stepping back in time

Early birds to the event had a chance to win a netbook. All we had to do was snap our picture against a green backdrop with the title; YearbookMe, above a white box. If you were sporting enough, there were even accessories to use like; scarfs and reading glasses.

yearbookme backdrop and emcees

Stories of the night

After everyone was ushered in, emcee of the night was Caroline (@thechannelc) giving us a brief introduction of SMCKL and how the movie idea came about from enthusiasts. Then with thanks to TGV for offering to host the event, Kenny Wong told us the story of TGV and I can’t believe it’s been around since 1995! 0.0

kenny telling story
Story of TGV

In addition, I was reminded that TGV was the first multiplex started at 1Utama. And I didn’t really know Mel Gibson launched TGV in Sunway Pyramid. While it was still the lone lion and Sunway Lagoon was really cool. Ah, how times have changed.

TGV cinemas are upgrading

Kenny also informed us that TGV 1Utama is going to be overhauled sometime December 2010. The aim is to replace the age old seats with much comfier and larger sized ones, just like TGV Wangsa Walk.

TGV wangsa walk mall interior
Free drinks and popcorn on P1

From the photo you may have noticed, TGV is going to have couple seats too! Just like the ones in Cineleisure (e@Curve if you like calling it that), but bigger – I think. Plus, they’ve added more leg room compared to the one in TGV 1Utama. And despite not having a measuring tape, it feels little more spacious compared to even GSC. 0.0

Ooh ooh, Kenny also hinted TGV is going to challenge conventional cinemas seats. By using bean bags in cinemas! Apparently, this will be done in Penang later. Shucks.

By the way, we got FREE drinks and popcorn thanks to P1. And it wasn’t only for select few, all the seats in the cinemas already had a drink in the cup holder and a bag of popcorn with a straw and paper towel awaiting us. Nice surprise!

Movie inspired me on many levels

If you’re in the industry, you’ll love it – I know I did. It motivated me, taught me, reminded me what should really matter when you’ve an idea. Plus, it shows you ideas are everywhere, and can be improvised. Though after watching, you’d be wondering if Mark’s character was similar in real life.

And the line I had to take back with me after the movie:

I’m CEO, bitch

Not because I want to sound arrogant. But it’s times like this you’ve to remind the previous generation, my time starts now.

We’re the new entrepreneurs of this generation. 😉

Movie Review: Takers

Won myself free tickets via Nuffnang to watch the movie Takers at GSC, Midvalley. It’s been a really long time since I stepped into the Midvalley cinemas and noticed they did some upgrades to their entrance. I like the high ceilings and their movie seatings reception. It feels more spacious now though their movie screen numbers were oddly laid out.

Which Taker took our movie tickets?!

During the ticket redemption queue, I caught word over Twitter from a friend that Nuffnangers may have forgotten to bring the tickets. :O

Lol epic failure. Nuffnang staff forgot to bring tickets for their screening. Can fail lagi later if disaster recovery hancur.

Via cincauhangus

But the recovery was fast and well done by the Nangers in charge at the table. They handed out the Nuffnang badges in replacement of tickets and numbered the redeemers. Although they asked us to come back 30 minutes later, we got the tickets 10-15 minutes after. Kudos.

Movie synopsis

Takers takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies.  They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists.  But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.

Takers short of my expectation

Unfortunately, I’d only give it a 6/10. The first quarter of the movie was technically the trailer. And as much bang-bang-boom went on, precision timing and creative scheming were interesting parts of the movie, it didn’t leave me an impression to want to watch it again.

It wasn’t boring but entertaining. In other words, something to watch if you needed some action for the day.

P.S.: Late comers should stop coming late or not come at all

Some redeemers left the cinema because they were given the first row from the screen. What I’d advice to curb this is, Nuffnangers need to honestly inform redeemers of this before they’re given the tickets. Let them decide before they walk-in.

This way, they’d be smart enough to note they were late and not expect miracles. Worst scenario, you get proud people moving their butts into empty seats higher. Although during this screening, there were a lot of nice side seats because Nuffnang gave out pairs. 😉

Movie Review: Clash of The Titans

It was one of my expected movies this year. The trailer for Clash of The Titans was seriously good. Especially when you hear the line, “release the Kraken” every time. The line reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean and the storyline reminds me of Hercules.

Greek mythodology FTW

Stories of heroes and gods are great to tell. Especially, ones who become gods in the end. I recall Disney’s Hercules was inspiring and at the time, I wasn’t even a kid. But heroics and beliefs aside, its movies like this which become cultural education to us. By now, you’d already remember Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are brothers. In addition, Zeus put Hades in the depths of darkness – hell. So how did this movie fair?

This remake, not so well.

I’ve to say this remake of Clash of The Titans didn’t leave a great mark for me. Simple to say; the trailer looked more promising. The build-up at the beginning was fine. However, character introductions and the ending really sped off quite quickly. It was like one of those experiences where you get the feeling they’re running out of budget so they’ve to end it, like now.

Then again, I still loved their character designs. The Kraken was seriously amazing and I’d choose this Medusa over Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, any day. Sorry, Uma.

Would I watch it again?

Maybe, but not in the same week. I’m still thinking what’s missing in this movie. I know it’s suppose to be awesome, but there’s something about it which throws me off.

Well, let me know if you find out. 🙂