Men In Black 3

It was over the weekend when me and Ariel spent almost 10 hours, yes, TEN hours at the mall. I guess that proves it that we urbanites have really nothing better to do at times. But, I’ll leave that story for another day.

GSC had a new advertisement order

As we went through the whole advertisements and trailers, I noticed GSC changed the arrangement of them. Most of the time, it’ll be advertisements then trailers then the GSC introduction. Or, trailers then advertisements and then introduction. However, it was now introduction, advertisements, trailers, advertisements then trailer again.

It definitely felt very obvious because Ariel was asking me if we were watching The Amazing Spiderman. LOL! Though I do understand why she also felt that way, because the trailer seemed longer than the normal ones. Are the producers of Spiderman worried not many people are going to watch it? Come on, it’s Spiderman! Who’d miss it? šŸ˜›

Men in black wrap up

Or not? But first, let me say I watched the first movie at theĀ premiereĀ at Rex cinemas in Sea Park PJ. Yes, it’s been THAT long ago since Men In Black was first shown. And I clearly remember, the best dressed for men was won by a dude in a trench with a lighted up backpack character of the Toy Story alien.

Yes. This fella~

Fast forwarding to the present – unfortunately, I can’t time jump. Men In Black 3 to me captured what the film had in its first release. It had the shroud of mystery and tie-back in the film. Sure, the whole story of an organization overseeing aliens with employees dressed in black suits with black ties and black shades created a trend. But, the second movie to me wasn’t all that good. Maybe it was because they tried too hard interjecting some form of romantic relationship. Who knows?

If you’re planning on watching Men In Black 3, don’t compare it to the first. Like I said out loud over Twitter, it felt like a wrap up to the Men In Black sequel. And I hope they leave it as that.