Movie Review: Clash of The Titans

It was one of my expected movies this year. The trailer for Clash of The Titans was seriously good. Especially when you hear the line, “release the Kraken” every time. The line reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean and the storyline reminds me of Hercules.

Greek mythodology FTW

Stories of heroes and gods are great to tell. Especially, ones who become gods in the end. I recall Disney’s Hercules was inspiring and at the time, I wasn’t even a kid. But heroics and beliefs aside, its movies like this which become cultural education to us. By now, you’d already remember Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are brothers. In addition, Zeus put Hades in the depths of darkness – hell. So how did this movie fair?

This remake, not so well.

I’ve to say this remake of Clash of The Titans didn’t leave a great mark for me. Simple to say; the trailer looked more promising. The build-up at the beginning was fine. However, character introductions and the ending really sped off quite quickly. It was like one of those experiences where you get the feeling they’re running out of budget so they’ve to end it, like now.

Then again, I still loved their character designs. The Kraken was seriously amazing and I’d choose this Medusa over Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, any day. Sorry, Uma.

Would I watch it again?

Maybe, but not in the same week. I’m still thinking what’s missing in this movie. I know it’s suppose to be awesome, but there’s something about it which throws me off.

Well, let me know if you find out. 🙂