A Geek’s Nightmare

Seriously, this morning’s dream was weird. Now thinking if I’ve been spending way too much time at the computer or in my work. Because I had a dream of falling victim to some stupid email scam, accidentally! WTF?!

Stress is distracting

In my dream, I was in the flow of doing my work and it was something I had to rush. Previously, the email marketing company I used did an exercise of requesting members to change their passwords. And, password change verifiers will be sent via email.

Because I was expecting to receive that email, I saw another email which was formatted pretty similar. Not in design but layout. It was a 1-column with text and a text link at the bottom. Now, I think here’s where I made my boo-boo. I didn’t read the text link and assumed it was for me to click and verify my password change.

Nightmare starts

I was suddenly involved in some dispute. My parents contacted me saying there was this person who said I owed them a huge sum of money. Reason being I had subscribed or purchased something from them. Obviously being spaced out, I denied it was true.

Until they asked me if I clicked the link an email. Uh oh!

Thankfully it ended

By the end of my subconsciousness, my parents said it was resolved. Though I vaguely recall in my dream, I told a friend I could sue the other party for having misled and not confirming my purchase first.

Nonetheless, it was quite scary being caught up in such a weird predicament. And do hope it doesn’t come about as a deja vu, ever.

Plus, to make sure I read all my emails before clicking ANY links!