The Social Network with SMCKL and P1

I was at the movie screening; The Social Network, organized by SMCKL which coincidentally was supported by P1 and Tanjong Golden Village cinemas – can’t remember the last time I called it by it’s full name. It was held at TGV’s new cinema in Wangsa Walk Mall in Wangsa Maju and the mall was quite a distance from where I lived, like 30-40 minutes drive using MRR2.

Stepping back in time

Early birds to the event had a chance to win a netbook. All we had to do was snap our picture against a green backdrop with the title; YearbookMe, above a white box. If you were sporting enough, there were even accessories to use like; scarfs and reading glasses.

yearbookme backdrop and emcees

Stories of the night

After everyone was ushered in, emcee of the night was Caroline (@thechannelc) giving us a brief introduction of SMCKL and how the movie idea came about from enthusiasts. Then with thanks to TGV for offering to host the event, Kenny Wong told us the story of TGV and I can’t believe it’s been around since 1995! 0.0

kenny telling story
Story of TGV

In addition, I was reminded that TGV was the first multiplex started at 1Utama. And I didn’t really know Mel Gibson launched TGV in Sunway Pyramid. While it was still the lone lion and Sunway Lagoon was really cool. Ah, how times have changed.

TGV cinemas are upgrading

Kenny also informed us that TGV 1Utama is going to be overhauled sometime December 2010. The aim is to replace the age old seats with much comfier and larger sized ones, just like TGV Wangsa Walk.

TGV wangsa walk mall interior
Free drinks and popcorn on P1

From the photo you may have noticed, TGV is going to have couple seats too! Just like the ones in Cineleisure (e@Curve if you like calling it that), but bigger – I think. Plus, they’ve added more leg room compared to the one in TGV 1Utama. And despite not having a measuring tape, it feels little more spacious compared to even GSC. 0.0

Ooh ooh, Kenny also hinted TGV is going to challenge conventional cinemas seats. By using bean bags in cinemas! Apparently, this will be done in Penang later. Shucks.

By the way, we got FREE drinks and popcorn thanks to P1. And it wasn’t only for select few, all the seats in the cinemas already had a drink in the cup holder and a bag of popcorn with a straw and paper towel awaiting us. Nice surprise!

Movie inspired me on many levels

If you’re in the industry, you’ll love it – I know I did. It motivated me, taught me, reminded me what should really matter when you’ve an idea. Plus, it shows you ideas are everywhere, and can be improvised. Though after watching, you’d be wondering if Mark’s character was similar in real life.

And the line I had to take back with me after the movie:

I’m CEO, bitch

Not because I want to sound arrogant. But it’s times like this you’ve to remind the previous generation, my time starts now.

We’re the new entrepreneurs of this generation. 😉