Our World, Their War

As an 80s kid, I was ecstatic to hear when Transformers was made into a live action. After all, they finally had the technology. But for all you 90s kid who never knew what us 80s fellows went through, here’s a TV series of technology that time. LOL!


Alright. So thankfully Michael Bay had much better toys to play with when he did Transformers. Plus, when I caught word that Devastator would be casted I was super happy. Then I started raging in the cinema.

Like the polluted image of the live action Dragonball, my Devastator was made into some 2 testicle beast! -_-!!!

transformer testicles
Wha the hell is tha?!

So maybe the animators wanted to throw in their 2 balls worth being behind the scenes. And maybe, Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay were convinced when they saw it from a different angle.

Shia Lebouf with Michael Bay
You see…I told you it’ll work.

So Nuffnang asked, how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character I’d be to protect the world.

All warfare is based on deception.

~ Sun Tzu

First of all to help Japan off their feet, we need Sam Witwicky to speak to the Japanese and get them to build more phreaking Gundams! These white awesome mechanically engineered fellows would make the Decepticons go, WTF?! and instantly take them as a threat.

life size japan gundam
Hell yeah! Source: koiaichaku.com

Then, like Sun Tzu says, we need to deceive our enemies. This is where we make replicas of the Gundam and Transformers merged together. They may be butt ugly, but I’m pretty sure the Decepticons won’t mind or notice if the Autobot had an extra ball or 2.

china gundam
Butt ugly, yes. Deceptive, of course. Source: robotsinmasquerade.blogspot.com

Now I know Sam may not agree with this. But why not for the fun of it, we call in Tony Starck as well. He builds things and loves destroying stuff, right?

Danny, my boy, you may have something there.

And finally, as a precaution, let’s load up all the people into Omega Supreme, just in case. With that, we’ll deceive the hell out of the Decepticons and kick Megatron’s ass back to planet Cybertron!

Oh, before I forget. The Autobot I’d want to be to protect the world with this plan would be; Rodimus Prime.

rodimus prime
Autobots…roll out!

He starts of as a young, arrogant and experimental Autobot but soon matures into a great leader to make Megatron have a resurrection and beat Galvatron back into his little hole. Watcha!

P.S.: I’m still wondering what Decepticon ever had tentacles?

The Social Network with SMCKL and P1

I was at the movie screening; The Social Network, organized by SMCKL which coincidentally was supported by P1 and Tanjong Golden Village cinemas – can’t remember the last time I called it by it’s full name. It was held at TGV’s new cinema in Wangsa Walk Mall in Wangsa Maju and the mall was quite a distance from where I lived, like 30-40 minutes drive using MRR2.

Stepping back in time

Early birds to the event had a chance to win a netbook. All we had to do was snap our picture against a green backdrop with the title; YearbookMe, above a white box. If you were sporting enough, there were even accessories to use like; scarfs and reading glasses.

yearbookme backdrop and emcees

Stories of the night

After everyone was ushered in, emcee of the night was Caroline (@thechannelc) giving us a brief introduction of SMCKL and how the movie idea came about from enthusiasts. Then with thanks to TGV for offering to host the event, Kenny Wong told us the story of TGV and I can’t believe it’s been around since 1995! 0.0

kenny telling story
Story of TGV

In addition, I was reminded that TGV was the first multiplex started at 1Utama. And I didn’t really know Mel Gibson launched TGV in Sunway Pyramid. While it was still the lone lion and Sunway Lagoon was really cool. Ah, how times have changed.

TGV cinemas are upgrading

Kenny also informed us that TGV 1Utama is going to be overhauled sometime December 2010. The aim is to replace the age old seats with much comfier and larger sized ones, just like TGV Wangsa Walk.

TGV wangsa walk mall interior
Free drinks and popcorn on P1

From the photo you may have noticed, TGV is going to have couple seats too! Just like the ones in Cineleisure (e@Curve if you like calling it that), but bigger – I think. Plus, they’ve added more leg room compared to the one in TGV 1Utama. And despite not having a measuring tape, it feels little more spacious compared to even GSC. 0.0

Ooh ooh, Kenny also hinted TGV is going to challenge conventional cinemas seats. By using bean bags in cinemas! Apparently, this will be done in Penang later. Shucks.

By the way, we got FREE drinks and popcorn thanks to P1. And it wasn’t only for select few, all the seats in the cinemas already had a drink in the cup holder and a bag of popcorn with a straw and paper towel awaiting us. Nice surprise!

Movie inspired me on many levels

If you’re in the industry, you’ll love it – I know I did. It motivated me, taught me, reminded me what should really matter when you’ve an idea. Plus, it shows you ideas are everywhere, and can be improvised. Though after watching, you’d be wondering if Mark’s character was similar in real life.

And the line I had to take back with me after the movie:

I’m CEO, bitch

Not because I want to sound arrogant. But it’s times like this you’ve to remind the previous generation, my time starts now.

We’re the new entrepreneurs of this generation. 😉

Movie Review: Takers

Won myself free tickets via Nuffnang to watch the movie Takers at GSC, Midvalley. It’s been a really long time since I stepped into the Midvalley cinemas and noticed they did some upgrades to their entrance. I like the high ceilings and their movie seatings reception. It feels more spacious now though their movie screen numbers were oddly laid out.

Which Taker took our movie tickets?!

During the ticket redemption queue, I caught word over Twitter from a friend that Nuffnangers may have forgotten to bring the tickets. :O

Lol epic failure. Nuffnang staff forgot to bring tickets for their screening. Can fail lagi later if disaster recovery hancur.

Via cincauhangus

But the recovery was fast and well done by the Nangers in charge at the table. They handed out the Nuffnang badges in replacement of tickets and numbered the redeemers. Although they asked us to come back 30 minutes later, we got the tickets 10-15 minutes after. Kudos.

Movie synopsis

Takers takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies.  They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists.  But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hell-bent on solving the case.

Takers short of my expectation

Unfortunately, I’d only give it a 6/10. The first quarter of the movie was technically the trailer. And as much bang-bang-boom went on, precision timing and creative scheming were interesting parts of the movie, it didn’t leave me an impression to want to watch it again.

It wasn’t boring but entertaining. In other words, something to watch if you needed some action for the day.

P.S.: Late comers should stop coming late or not come at all

Some redeemers left the cinema because they were given the first row from the screen. What I’d advice to curb this is, Nuffnangers need to honestly inform redeemers of this before they’re given the tickets. Let them decide before they walk-in.

This way, they’d be smart enough to note they were late and not expect miracles. Worst scenario, you get proud people moving their butts into empty seats higher. Although during this screening, there were a lot of nice side seats because Nuffnang gave out pairs. 😉

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Me and Ariel finally completed watching the series; Avatar: The Last Airbender. And for your information, this Avatar isn’t blue and doesn’t procreate using his pony tail. It’s about a 100+ year old boy defrosted from the ice returning to restore balance to the world. The original is an animated cartoon series with an American anime style.

Nickelodeon screened this before and is now running a cartoon marathon for it in conjunction with the upcoming movie. I’d like to place some pretty high expectations for the movie because it’s being directed by M.Night Shyamalan.

However, after having completed watching the animated series, I’m a little worried how they’re going to squeeze the story into a 120-150 minutes flick. The animated series consisted of 3 books or 3 seasons. Telling the story of how the Avatar formed his friendships and in the end, made the world peaceful once again. Not to mention, got the love of his life.

I don’t remember any continuations of M.Night Shyamalan’s work. It’s always 1 movie and that’s it. Which is why I’m very worried.

What’s going to be missing in the movie? What’s going to be deemed unimportant and not included in it? 🙁

I hope they don’t end up butchering the storyline too much. Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a Devastator and 2 banging balls again. LOL!

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

My first movie of the month. Enjoyed at Cineleisure cineplex. And allow me to get this off my chest. Sorry eCurve, I hate saying your name despite it even being shorter. I’m just attached to it being called Cineleisure.

Okay, so about Iron Man 2. According to my friend, Cathay now has an additional movie option besides 3D called 2D digital. Or, something like that. I guessed it meant instead of pulling film reels, the film would be projected digitally. And, we were right.

Not only did we see TV ads transit to the cinema screen, the Iron Man 2 movie was superbly sharp and its colours, awesome.

Not being a comic fan of Iron Man, its movie is telling his story to me. How Iron Man came about and how even the Avengers were related to him. And the only Avenger I recall is the purple costumed dude who shoots arrows. Sadly, that too I don’t remember when he came about because even Avengers have a history.

Nonetheless, I found this continuation packed with more gun busting, family related, relationship connection and friendship. Though I’ve to kind of agree with Ariel’s brother’s hypothesis of the villain. He died a little too fast.

Well, I guess there’s only so much a villain could’ve done with whips in his hands. Versus a suit equipped with rockets, pulse cannons and high- beam lasers.

The Iron Man movie maintains its best selling-factor; technology. Tony plays a little more with blueprints in mid-air and less of him clanking on the hammer as the first episode.

By the way, you’ll want to stay until the end of the movie. Because there’s a teaser to Iron Man 3. 🙂

Will I rewatch Iron Man 2?

Only if it’s in the digital version. 😀 Yes, it was that more enjoyable. Bring on the Full HD experience into cinemas!

P.S.: I know it’s Mothers Day but dear Mum’s, please exit the cinema if you can’t keep your child hushed. Especially after many other people already asked you to do so. Thank you.