Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Governator

I don’t mind the 80s or 90s cartoon style like Swat Kats, Captain Planet and others. But seriously, did they have to stick a name during the era too? Couldn’t they have come up with something cooler for this millennium other than, Governator? -_-!!!


Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator aka former California governor is returning to the TV, as a cartoon. I suppose by animating himself, he intends to immortalize his legacy further. Either that, or he’s milking himself as much as he can.

After watching the trailer on Mashable then on YouTube, I feel it’s going to be rather boring. Not to mention, all the coolness they’re forcing into the cartoon, feels very obvious they’re aiming to make a buck from the toys they’re going to create. Notice his many armor suits, eyewear transformation and Harley turned Tron-ish motorcycle.

At least Ben 10 has a somewhat cool story going for it, plus the characters are what kids relate to in the cartoon. Seriously think the cartoon could have been planned better.

I wonder what our Malaysian kids would think of the Governator.

High School of The Dead

Wha?! Seriously, there’s been plenty of zombie movies from Dawn of The Dead to parodies. But now, an anime about zombies with a cliche title. Gosh. Even the Japanese anime market is becoming desperate.

Anyway, if you’ve not heard of it here’s the trailer on YouTube.

Story wise so far, it’s rediscovering childhood love and much fan service – under skirts. Though hoping the story would be a little more interesting as time passes. Otherwise, I’ll just thrash this anime.

High School of the Dead, what were the Japs thinking?! *slaps forehead*

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Me and Ariel finally completed watching the series; Avatar: The Last Airbender. And for your information, this Avatar isn’t blue and doesn’t procreate using his pony tail. It’s about a 100+ year old boy defrosted from the ice returning to restore balance to the world. The original is an animated cartoon series with an American anime style.

Nickelodeon screened this before and is now running a cartoon marathon for it in conjunction with the upcoming movie. I’d like to place some pretty high expectations for the movie because it’s being directed by M.Night Shyamalan.

However, after having completed watching the animated series, I’m a little worried how they’re going to squeeze the story into a 120-150 minutes flick. The animated series consisted of 3 books or 3 seasons. Telling the story of how the Avatar formed his friendships and in the end, made the world peaceful once again. Not to mention, got the love of his life.

I don’t remember any continuations of M.Night Shyamalan’s work. It’s always 1 movie and that’s it. Which is why I’m very worried.

What’s going to be missing in the movie? What’s going to be deemed unimportant and not included in it? 🙁

I hope they don’t end up butchering the storyline too much. Otherwise, we’re going to end up with a Devastator and 2 banging balls again. LOL!