Movie Review: Iron Man 2

My first movie of the month. Enjoyed at Cineleisure cineplex. And allow me to get this off my chest. Sorry eCurve, I hate saying your name despite it even being shorter. I’m just attached to it being called Cineleisure.

Okay, so about Iron Man 2. According to my friend, Cathay now has an additional movie option besides 3D called 2D digital. Or, something like that. I guessed it meant instead of pulling film reels, the film would be projected digitally. And, we were right.

Not only did we see TV ads transit to the cinema screen, the Iron Man 2 movie was superbly sharp and its colours, awesome.

Not being a comic fan of Iron Man, its movie is telling his story to me. How Iron Man came about and how even the Avengers were related to him. And the only Avenger I recall is the purple costumed dude who shoots arrows. Sadly, that too I don’t remember when he came about because even Avengers have a history.

Nonetheless, I found this continuation packed with more gun busting, family related, relationship connection and friendship. Though I’ve to kind of agree with Ariel’s brother’s hypothesis of the villain. He died a little too fast.

Well, I guess there’s only so much a villain could’ve done with whips in his hands. Versus a suit equipped with rockets, pulse cannons and high- beam lasers.

The Iron Man movie maintains its best selling-factor; technology. Tony plays a little more with blueprints in mid-air and less of him clanking on the hammer as the first episode.

By the way, you’ll want to stay until the end of the movie. Because there’s a teaser to Iron Man 3. 🙂

Will I rewatch Iron Man 2?

Only if it’s in the digital version. 😀 Yes, it was that more enjoyable. Bring on the Full HD experience into cinemas!

P.S.: I know it’s Mothers Day but dear Mum’s, please exit the cinema if you can’t keep your child hushed. Especially after many other people already asked you to do so. Thank you.