SCANDAL Japanese band in Malaysia 2012

Now partially deaf. Partially without voice. But worth very minute of the more than 1 hour performance by the SCANDAL (Japanese band). Awesome!!!


Me and my bro-in-law went to catch the performance today. By the time we arrived, got out of the lift, more than 1 hour before the SCANDAL (Japanese band) show, the queue had already reached the ground floor of KL Life Centre. O.O

The opening act was a female artiste by the name Haruta (I think). By the time we reached our VIP zone, the emcee had already finished introducing the opening act. Her songs were very soulful and acoustic. And the crowd just gave their support, regardless whether they knew her or not. That’s the Malaysian spirit for you when it comes to music. ๐Ÿ™‚ They even started cheering on the SCANDAL (Japanese band) crew member who came on to do sound test on all the instruments. -.-!

The moment SCANDAL Japanese band members; Rina, Tomomi, Mami and Haruna came on the stage, they delivered an awesome performance with high-energy throughout. The crowd was well-behaved and supportive. I totally felt it was worth the money I paid. Plus, comparing if this was Anime Festival Asia, I’d never be this close to the stage!

SCANDAL performed around 8-9 songs from various albums. In addition, the crowd managed to persuade them and probably the organizers to let them play an encore. What a finale that was!

We decided to leave as the girls exited the stage because I was anxious to get a copy of their new album. I saw them on sale while entering, but couldn’t get them at the time. Luckily, there were still copies left!

scandal album
Queens Are Trumps

Lo and behold! Muahahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you Rina, Haruna, Tomomi and Mami for coming to Malaysia. (Scandal Japanese band saikyou!)

Our real dream wedding

Me and Ariel recently joined the WedInk Tattle’s wedding contest by The Peak Xperience. What’s more amazing was, we were shortlisted as 1 of 5 couples for the grand prize to have our dream wedding made into reality!

wedink tattle couple

Our dream wedding in less than 500 characters

The submission required us to submit a description of our dream wedding. I’m no copywriter so I described it ala blogger-style lor. LOL!

Inspired by the cuteness we both share and love in Japanese-Korean culture. The dream wedding where beauty is formed by simple elegance, yet has space for our playfulness. A dream wedding our family and friends will remember for its uniqueness and cuteness. The dream wedding experience we can tell our kids that it was not only a dream.

Our REAL dream wedding

Because the description isn’t much, here are some ideas we’ve discussed we want to have and some ideas we wish we could have later.

Meet Danbo

This is a Japanese toy I’ve been looking for high-and-low and Ariel loves it too because it’s just so cute. The figurine originated from the Japanese comic; Yotsubato –ย read volume 28. I’ve not finished the whole story yet but it’s a good laugh to take some tension away because of the main character’s (Yotsuba) antics. LOL!

danbo with balloon
Credits: Cake@June

Pictures on a clothes line

We actually have a miniature version in our room, on aย corkboard. But what we really want to do is have a line of pictures of us, our friends, family and even our wedding, stringed up for everyone to imagine the life we’ve had before reaching this point.

wedding clothes line pictures


An online friend of mine;ย CheeChingy, put in a special request to have Chibi-ness injected into our wedding. Well, given the chance, we definitely want it to happen because it’s part of the Japanese culture we both love too.

chibi illustration
Credits: Ariel Yoong

This was something Ariel drew for me in 2007, then I helped illustrate in Illustrator to bring it to life. The 2bblur Inc name was the initial name I had for my personal brand – gosh, what was I thinking!

The White Bear

Okay. We would love to have such a huge white bear that size but we’re going to be a little more practical. Part of our dream wedding is to have white bears on the registration table for guests. And, we’ve already found a few for this occasion. ๐Ÿ˜€

white bear

Interactive and Fun Cocktail Session

This may be too much to ask of guest. But I was pitching the idea to Ariel of having some photos of us on an easel. Then, there’d be speed bubbles for our guests to write a message.

think of salmon

Save the date

When it came to our invitation cards, we wanted something our guests would keep and find it interesting – we’re both spaced out creatives. One of the ideas Ariel liked was this invitation card where guests scratch out to get the date.

wedding invitation card
Credits: Unknown

The idea I had started off with origami being Japanese inspired. Then, it led me to the idea of paper crafts.

foldable paper toy
Credits: Unknown

However, this won’t really be an invitation card but more like a subtle reminder of our cute wedding which will be happening. ๐Ÿ™‚

Takeaway please

We went through the wedding dinner part by part, thinking what else can we do to make it even cuter. What else we may have missed out in the details. It was, wedding favors.

paper craft bento box

The kawaii-ness (cute-ness) of a bento box is what makes Japanese culture Japanese. It’s like if you go to Japan, you must eat sushi. Well, this will be one of the ideas we’ll be toying with too. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s pretty much some of the stuff we have in mind to make our wedding the cutest one, ever!

Please vote for us by visiting the WedInk Tattle blog post and click the Facebook Like on the post below! ๐Ÿ˜€


High School of The Dead

Wha?! Seriously, there’s been plenty of zombie movies from Dawn of The Dead to parodies. But now, an anime about zombies with a cliche title. Gosh. Even the Japanese anime market is becoming desperate.

Anyway, if you’ve not heard of it here’s the trailer on YouTube.

Story wise so far, it’s rediscovering childhood love and much fan service – under skirts. Though hoping the story would be a little more interesting as time passes. Otherwise, I’ll just thrash this anime.

High School of the Dead, what were the Japs thinking?! *slaps forehead*

May’N Big Wave Asia Tour in Malaysia

The last concert I attended was Linkin Park in Kuala Lumpur, Yes, they were here before our smart *sses banned them. The other so-called concert I went for was Bunkface at Yahoo Youreka.

And this year, I started it of with May’N Big Wave (Waaaaave!!) Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was lucky and fast enough to win a pair of free tickets from Nuffnang.

The concert was held at the KL Life Centre. The same place Bunkface performed and the same place I pay RM9.00 phreaking bucks for parking. Bleh.

Anywho, when I reached the place at 6:00pm a line already had formed! From the top all the way to the ground floor with a turn to the back of the building. I didn’t seriously expect to find this many fans. LOL!

While waiting, we were all asked if we wanted to purchase glow sticks (RM5 each) and the official tour t-shirt (RM48). Then by around 7:05pm, the line started filling up the venue.


The show was only starting at 8:00pm. So what do you do to kill time with a bunch of friends? You form a May’N glow stick signage on the floor.


Some of the photographers in the media box came out for a quick snap too. One of them I know is from the LowYat website. Talk about how fans can really pull the media out of their boxes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered on May’N and her dancers. This was definitely where my iPhone can only deliver so much quality in low-lighting.


The performance really rocked the room with huge bass sounds and near deafening pitches. Personally, I felt the music was a little too loud and it drowned out some vocals. But May’N definitely had lots of fun on stage with the Malaysian audience.


She shone like a star – literally. Really loved what the iPhone did on its own for this shot.

And as much as I’d have liked to photograph with my gear, the concert had a strict policy of no photography and video recording. Someone on the floor was caught and pulled out from the crowd for this.

Well, I still find it silly for event organizers to disallow photography. Because at ย nearly every corner, there’ll be someone with a DSLR – even a kid.

I told my friend on the way back, the organizers or management could have a clause not preventing photography but strictly warning against selling of these images or causing damage of the artiste’s image.

Right now, a DSLR is in very high demand and affordable. Couple it with a bunch of social media enthusiasts, you’ll have a long tail of publicity not only of the event but the artiste. Us, (bloggers) get pictures for our posts and keepsake. Win-win.

Oh well, I’m definitely looking forward for more Japanese artistes down here. So, when’s FLO, bump of chicken, Orange Range and others coming down?! I want a media pass! ๐Ÿ˜€

At the event, I also found Dustyhawk, Valho (I think) and Fapping Cat.