May’N Big Wave Asia Tour in Malaysia

The last concert I attended was Linkin Park in Kuala Lumpur, Yes, they were here before our smart *sses banned them. The other so-called concert I went for was Bunkface at Yahoo Youreka.

And this year, I started it of with May’N Big Wave (Waaaaave!!) Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was lucky and fast enough to win a pair of free tickets from Nuffnang.

The concert was held at the KL Life Centre. The same place Bunkface performed and the same place I pay RM9.00 phreaking bucks for parking. Bleh.

Anywho, when I reached the place at 6:00pm a line already had formed! From the top all the way to the ground floor with a turn to the back of the building. I didn’t seriously expect to find this many fans. LOL!

While waiting, we were all asked if we wanted to purchase glow sticks (RM5 each) and the official tour t-shirt (RM48). Then by around 7:05pm, the line started filling up the venue.


The show was only starting at 8:00pm. So what do you do to kill time with a bunch of friends? You form a May’N glow stick signage on the floor.


Some of the photographers in the media box came out for a quick snap too. One of them I know is from the LowYat website. Talk about how fans can really pull the media out of their boxes. 😉

As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered on May’N and her dancers. This was definitely where my iPhone can only deliver so much quality in low-lighting.


The performance really rocked the room with huge bass sounds and near deafening pitches. Personally, I felt the music was a little too loud and it drowned out some vocals. But May’N definitely had lots of fun on stage with the Malaysian audience.


She shone like a star – literally. Really loved what the iPhone did on its own for this shot.

And as much as I’d have liked to photograph with my gear, the concert had a strict policy of no photography and video recording. Someone on the floor was caught and pulled out from the crowd for this.

Well, I still find it silly for event organizers to disallow photography. Because at  nearly every corner, there’ll be someone with a DSLR – even a kid.

I told my friend on the way back, the organizers or management could have a clause not preventing photography but strictly warning against selling of these images or causing damage of the artiste’s image.

Right now, a DSLR is in very high demand and affordable. Couple it with a bunch of social media enthusiasts, you’ll have a long tail of publicity not only of the event but the artiste. Us, (bloggers) get pictures for our posts and keepsake. Win-win.

Oh well, I’m definitely looking forward for more Japanese artistes down here. So, when’s FLO, bump of chicken, Orange Range and others coming down?! I want a media pass! 😀

At the event, I also found Dustyhawk, Valho (I think) and Fapping Cat.