SCANDAL Japanese band in Malaysia 2012

Now partially deaf. Partially without voice. But worth very minute of the more than 1 hour performance by the SCANDAL (Japanese band). Awesome!!!


Me and my bro-in-law went to catch the performance today. By the time we arrived, got out of the lift, more than 1 hour before the SCANDAL (Japanese band) show, the queue had already reached the ground floor of KL Life Centre. O.O

The opening act was a female artiste by the name Haruta (I think). By the time we reached our VIP zone, the emcee had already finished introducing the opening act. Her songs were very soulful and acoustic. And the crowd just gave their support, regardless whether they knew her or not. That’s the Malaysian spirit for you when it comes to music. 🙂 They even started cheering on the SCANDAL (Japanese band) crew member who came on to do sound test on all the instruments. -.-!

The moment SCANDAL Japanese band members; Rina, Tomomi, Mami and Haruna came on the stage, they delivered an awesome performance with high-energy throughout. The crowd was well-behaved and supportive. I totally felt it was worth the money I paid. Plus, comparing if this was Anime Festival Asia, I’d never be this close to the stage!

SCANDAL performed around 8-9 songs from various albums. In addition, the crowd managed to persuade them and probably the organizers to let them play an encore. What a finale that was!

We decided to leave as the girls exited the stage because I was anxious to get a copy of their new album. I saw them on sale while entering, but couldn’t get them at the time. Luckily, there were still copies left!

scandal album
Queens Are Trumps

Lo and behold! Muahahaha. 😀

Thank you Rina, Haruna, Tomomi and Mami for coming to Malaysia. (Scandal Japanese band saikyou!)