Could it be age?

The Lunar New Year for me hasn’t been all that kind. The 1st day started with a slight temperature, slowly developing into a sore throat and now with some phlegm to be dealt with.Β So I suppose I had to really take a holiday on this holiday.

Maybe it’s age

When we were kids, we couldn’t help to be fascinated with simple tricks like “pop-pop”. However, as soon we became braver (and probably more crazy), cracking pop-pop with our bare hands then wanting to set off bigger and louder fireworks to lighting a TNT-like firecracker and tossing it as though it was an explosive… I did say crazy.

Alas, maybe it be age which has left me thinking now on most nights during Chinese New Year, “which crazy fellow is setting off fireworks which are overly loud (because they are nearby) at the hours some sick people need to go to bed”.

Sigh. I guess being ill during a festive season definitely pulls down your spirits in light of all the joy and laughter spreaded around.

Or, is it really just the age.

An excuse for shopping spree

So…Chinese New Year is coming. But other than clothes for the season, I’m thinking if I should go on a shopping spree and take advantage of the so-called promotions happening. And as much as guys tell you, we don’t shop like girls. I’d say it depends what the guy’s buying. πŸ™‚

I need to get me more related work attire. It’s either I put on weight…


Or, it shrunk – which is what we all want to believe.

My shirt collars feel a little tight and I guess my only pants now were the ones since I bought 2 years ago I believe. Not to mention, I need a new pair of shoes too! My current pair is still wearable, except there’s a crack near the heel. *shrug*

But I guess if it were clothes I’d be wearing during Chinese New Year, then I’d have to get me another pair of Dockers. There’s something about their pants they make which feels really comfortable. While I’d consider skinny jeans, don’t think I like the idea having to carry my wallet and phone in my hands – designers should probably just not have pockets.

I’d love to have more t-shirts. But my wardrobe space is only |_______| so much. But we shall see.

So, who’s going shopping?

OMG! Aunty Uncle, you damn embarassing-lor!

I had to run into Giant at Kelana Jaya to buy a long bread for dinner tonight. Being the Chinese New Year season, I passed tall stacks of boxed oranges (Chinese calls it; kam, like gold) as I went to the bakery section.

On my way out, I heard an uncle in his 50-60s asking the other uncle about the oranges. Little that I know, the next scene was sight for sore eyes.

The uncle happily opened the box and passed an orange to the other uncle to try?! OMG! -____-!!!!!

As much as they may have bought the box, there was NO PROMOTER AROUND as they happily opened the box!Β Hence, this is why it was such an embarrassment seeing the uncle and aunty doing it.

Come on-la, aren’t our elders suppose to be role models?! *slaps forehead*

This was seriously a problem, because as I passed another stack of boxed oranges, without uncles and aunties freely eating the oranges, I practically saw a HALF-EATEN orange in an opened box?! Gosh!

As much as I want sweet oranges this Chinese New Year, this is such an embarrassing act I’ve witnessed before the festivity.

Dear God, I pray my parents won’t do this in Giant. Even just because, some other embarrassing uncle and aunty are doing it.

My Chinese New Year Pictorial Celebration

During Chinese New Year, the weather becomes warmer and the skies become clearer. Not to mention, you become tanner. πŸ˜‰

A day to look up

Then, when the family is back for the new year, some like to celebrate it with a bang. So either they have loud fireworks or they invite the lion into their homes.

red cloth
Where's mah lion?!

And during Chinese New Year, expect to gain weight because the spread is massive. Plus, you’d be having a ‘lou sang’ of a time. πŸ˜‰

food montage
Western spread

Once you’re full and your tummy is bloated like the God of Happiness, you’d want to rub it a few times for some luck. Because the Chinese will open a table for some friendly gambling. The serious gamblers will go to casinos, so keep away the RM50 notes and bring out the RM0.50 coins.

mahjong set
Gin rummy

And if your luck is down, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to not lose as much as RM10 during the session. And trust me, it’s not that difficult to accumulate a RM10 loss with merely RM0.50. πŸ˜›

feng shui amulets
Feng shui support

But at the end of the day, it’s really about family. Returning to see your parents and relatives. Tossing the ‘lou sang’ as high as you can to make it come true. Laughing, drinking and eating around the table as one big happy family. πŸ™‚


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May yours have been a very prosperous one with money, love, family and friends. πŸ˜€