My Chinese New Year Pictorial Celebration

During Chinese New Year, the weather becomes warmer and the skies become clearer. Not to mention, you become tanner. 😉

A day to look up

Then, when the family is back for the new year, some like to celebrate it with a bang. So either they have loud fireworks or they invite the lion into their homes.

red cloth
Where's mah lion?!

And during Chinese New Year, expect to gain weight because the spread is massive. Plus, you’d be having a ‘lou sang’ of a time. 😉

food montage
Western spread

Once you’re full and your tummy is bloated like the God of Happiness, you’d want to rub it a few times for some luck. Because the Chinese will open a table for some friendly gambling. The serious gamblers will go to casinos, so keep away the RM50 notes and bring out the RM0.50 coins.

mahjong set
Gin rummy

And if your luck is down, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to not lose as much as RM10 during the session. And trust me, it’s not that difficult to accumulate a RM10 loss with merely RM0.50. 😛

feng shui amulets
Feng shui support

But at the end of the day, it’s really about family. Returning to see your parents and relatives. Tossing the ‘lou sang’ as high as you can to make it come true. Laughing, drinking and eating around the table as one big happy family. 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May yours have been a very prosperous one with money, love, family and friends. 😀