OMG! Aunty Uncle, you damn embarassing-lor!

I had to run into Giant at Kelana Jaya to buy a long bread for dinner tonight. Being the Chinese New Year season, I passed tall stacks of boxed oranges (Chinese calls it; kam, like gold) as I went to the bakery section.

On my way out, I heard an uncle in his 50-60s asking the other uncle about the oranges. Little that I know, the next scene was sight for sore eyes.

The uncle happily opened the box and passed an orange to the other uncle to try?! OMG! -____-!!!!!

As much as they may have bought the box, there was NO PROMOTER AROUND as they happily opened the box! Hence, this is why it was such an embarrassment seeing the uncle and aunty doing it.

Come on-la, aren’t our elders suppose to be role models?! *slaps forehead*

This was seriously a problem, because as I passed another stack of boxed oranges, without uncles and aunties freely eating the oranges, I practically saw a HALF-EATEN orange in an opened box?! Gosh!

As much as I want sweet oranges this Chinese New Year, this is such an embarrassing act I’ve witnessed before the festivity.

Dear God, I pray my parents won’t do this in Giant. Even just because, some other embarrassing uncle and aunty are doing it.