An excuse for shopping spree

So…Chinese New Year is coming. But other than clothes for the season, I’m thinking if I should go on a shopping spree and take advantage of the so-called promotions happening. And as much as guys tell you, we don’t shop like girls. I’d say it depends what the guy’s buying. 🙂

I need to get me more related work attire. It’s either I put on weight…


Or, it shrunk – which is what we all want to believe.

My shirt collars feel a little tight and I guess my only pants now were the ones since I bought 2 years ago I believe. Not to mention, I need a new pair of shoes too! My current pair is still wearable, except there’s a crack near the heel. *shrug*

But I guess if it were clothes I’d be wearing during Chinese New Year, then I’d have to get me another pair of Dockers. There’s something about their pants they make which feels really comfortable. While I’d consider skinny jeans, don’t think I like the idea having to carry my wallet and phone in my hands – designers should probably just not have pockets.

I’d love to have more t-shirts. But my wardrobe space is only |_______| so much. But we shall see.

So, who’s going shopping?