Write it like you speak it

While at the salon trimming my thick hair away, I was reading the Top Gear magazine. As much as hot bodily chick on FHM was tempting, the Ferrari 599 GTO looked way hotter. Lol.

As I was reading Jeremy Clarkson’s article, I realized how it was really talking to me. It had his tone of voice and personality as you murmur the words in your mind.

And I was personally holding back my laughter in some parts of it. Lol. Though I think I may have slipped out a smile or grin a couple of times. 😛

As much as I considered this article to be published in Websites Made Simple, I felt it was more of a thought to be shared.

It’s more of reminder to myself, to blog as I speak. Not blog as I write. If that made sense. 🙂

If I didn’t have

The Girlfriend

It would feel very weird. Like there’s something missing in my life. As much as freedom is a guy’s most valuable asset, it would grow on you to realize there’s an emptiness. One of those emptiness is someone I could hold, hug, kiss and hold hands with fingers clasped. Excluding you get pissed drunk and come back with a lady every other night, that is.

The Car

Running a website design company would be very difficult. And, expensive. Our affordable rail network only connects so far right now. Plus, cabbies here ain’t exactly respecting the sticker; ‘no haggling is allowed’, despite it stuck on their doors. Plus, I guess the computer gets lumped in here too since it’s a tool for business.


I’d seriously not know where I’d be. My friends have taught me through my life. I went through being a smoker, clubber and other experience to be who I am today. Without them, I could’ve imagine myself becoming a computer addict. Stuck on the computer 365 days a year and possibly on it 24/7. Brrr.


Although my parents and me don’t have as many family discussions anymore, I know there’s still love. And you can’t avoid the fact, they’re your parents and siblings. They nourished and brought you up. As for me, I’ve been very lucky to have a life I wished. Instead of taking up the opportunity to study website design in the US (right after my last SPM paper), I told my parents I wanted to spend more time here with them. Crazy, right?


And who’re we kidding. You can’t survive in this world without the currency. You may not need a ton to survive, but you still need that much to live. Some would agree, without money, you’d not have any of the above. As sad as it sounds, the currency is so powerful it affects you physically and mentally.


I think if I didn’t have any of the above, my life would be a huge burden to the world. It would be like living my life with a lie. A lie of which I comfort myself everyday saying, “it’s okay”. While your sub-conscience tortures you in return asking, “are you sure?”

Thank you to everyone who’s been there for me. The girlfriend, friends, family and all objects trivial as we continue to live in this world.

Are Smoking Women Sexy?

Let’s say you’re sitting down having lunch. Then when you lift your head, gulping your food, you see an attractive lady across you.


As you’re about to think “that’s one hot lady”, she then pulls out a familiar white stick. Lights it up and puffs a smoke.


Now, is it because of the good boy likes bad girl theory which is attractive. Or, for some weird reason, women who smoke seem to appear more sexy.

Also, it may not be the lips which are attractive. Because imagine you’re unable to look at her face. Only her posture and with the cigarette in hand with a line of smoke coming from the lighted bud of the white stick.


Erm, please take your hands out from your pants and stop fapping while you read! It ain’t healthy! For the keyboard, and others who accidentally used your computer. Oops!

So, why are women who smoke sexy?

Do Malaysian Females Outnumber Males?

Have you ever sat down, look around and wondered, does Malaysia have too many women? Is the female population in Malaysia larger as compared to the male species?

I can’t find any updated numbers to back this up even after browsing Wikipedia and our very own government statistics department. According to Wikipedia, 2005 was an estimated 1.01 (male/female) ratio. So, I’m not sure about it now.

But yeah, I’ve been observing the many people while seated and noticed I see more females around as compared to guys.

Yes, obviously it’s normal for a guy to look at girls but seriously, I feel the girls are outnumbering the male species in Malaysia.

Femme fatale!