Write it like you speak it

While at the salon trimming my thick hair away, I was reading the Top Gear magazine. As much as hot bodily chick on FHM was tempting, the Ferrari 599 GTO looked way hotter. Lol.

As I was reading Jeremy Clarkson’s article, I realized how it was really talking to me. It had his tone of voice and personality as you murmur the words in your mind.

And I was personally holding back my laughter in some parts of it. Lol. Though I think I may have slipped out a smile or grin a couple of times. 😛

As much as I considered this article to be published in Websites Made Simple, I felt it was more of a thought to be shared.

It’s more of reminder to myself, to blog as I speak. Not blog as I write. If that made sense. 🙂