How do they do it?!

Can a blogger really only spend 10 minutes writing a blog post? I’m starting to not understand how some bloggers continue writing their blogs so diligently every day. I mean, I’ve stuff which I can write. However, I’d take more than 10 minutes writing it. Or, is it that I’m inefficient? 0.0

Or maybe, just maybe, my priority is too much to my work. Hence, if I really pushed myself to blog, I’d end up writing my posts after 12am every day. Hmm…

There must be a solution to this. There must. Balancing between work and blogging.

Write it like you speak it

While at the salon trimming my thick hair away, I was reading the Top Gear magazine. As much as hot bodily chick on FHM was tempting, the Ferrari 599 GTO looked way hotter. Lol.

As I was reading Jeremy Clarkson’s article, I realized how it was really talking to me. It had his tone of voice and personality as you murmur the words in your mind.

And I was personally holding back my laughter in some parts of it. Lol. Though I think I may have slipped out a smile or grin a couple of times. 😛

As much as I considered this article to be published in Websites Made Simple, I felt it was more of a thought to be shared.

It’s more of reminder to myself, to blog as I speak. Not blog as I write. If that made sense. 🙂