Are Smoking Women Sexy?

Let’s say you’re sitting down having lunch. Then when you lift your head, gulping your food, you see an attractive lady across you.


As you’re about to think “that’s one hot lady”, she then pulls out a familiar white stick. Lights it up and puffs a smoke.


Now, is it because of the good boy likes bad girl theory which is attractive. Or, for some weird reason, women who smoke seem to appear more sexy.

Also, it may not be the lips which are attractive. Because imagine you’re unable to look at her face. Only her posture and with the cigarette in hand with a line of smoke coming from the lighted bud of the white stick.


Erm, please take your hands out from your pants and stop fapping while you read! It ain’t healthy! For the keyboard, and others who accidentally used your computer. Oops!

So, why are women who smoke sexy?