SCANDAL Japanese band in Malaysia 2012

Now partially deaf. Partially without voice. But worth very minute of the more than 1 hour performance by the SCANDAL (Japanese band). Awesome!!!


Me and my bro-in-law went to catch the performance today. By the time we arrived, got out of the lift, more than 1 hour before the SCANDAL (Japanese band) show, the queue had already reached the ground floor of KL Life Centre. O.O

The opening act was a female artiste by the name Haruta (I think). By the time we reached our VIP zone, the emcee had already finished introducing the opening act. Her songs were very soulful and acoustic. And the crowd just gave their support, regardless whether they knew her or not. That’s the Malaysian spirit for you when it comes to music. 🙂 They even started cheering on the SCANDAL (Japanese band) crew member who came on to do sound test on all the instruments. -.-!

The moment SCANDAL Japanese band members; Rina, Tomomi, Mami and Haruna came on the stage, they delivered an awesome performance with high-energy throughout. The crowd was well-behaved and supportive. I totally felt it was worth the money I paid. Plus, comparing if this was Anime Festival Asia, I’d never be this close to the stage!

SCANDAL performed around 8-9 songs from various albums. In addition, the crowd managed to persuade them and probably the organizers to let them play an encore. What a finale that was!

We decided to leave as the girls exited the stage because I was anxious to get a copy of their new album. I saw them on sale while entering, but couldn’t get them at the time. Luckily, there were still copies left!

scandal album
Queens Are Trumps

Lo and behold! Muahahaha. 😀

Thank you Rina, Haruna, Tomomi and Mami for coming to Malaysia. (Scandal Japanese band saikyou!)

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 editon

So much to talk about, so little time. Especially when you’ve selected your photos, edited them then by that time, it’s already late and you just had to go to bed. Thought to self; the things I do when I write a blog post such as Anime Festival Asia Malaysia.

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia

After much commitment from Malaysians heading down to Singapore yearly for the Anime Festival Asia convention, it has finally crossed our (and Indonesia’s) borders. Held in the old Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), where PC Fair used to be until there was too many complaints of stuffiness and disgusting BO stories, I couldn’t help but ask; why there?!

Busy ticketing counters

The ticket counters had long queues. Long enough that it worried the PWTC officers monitoring the situation. This was because there was some other AGM or something going on. Plus, PWTC is located next to a political party’s tower. So yeay. 😛

And like our Malaysian road signs – not knowing it’s there until it’s too late, I heard from goldfries that apparently, there was an exclusive counter opened if you were a Canon user. Well, thankfully I got my tickets the previous day. By the way, speaking of bad signages, PWTC should look at themselves too because I didn’t notice any sign saying where was hall 1 and 2. The only hall I saw from the parking lot was Dewan Tun Razak 1 & 2. How’s everyone suppose to know THAT is hall 1 and 2?! *facepalm* Don’t get me started of having to walk across a bridge to the place. *sweats*

Once inside the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia, we started patrolling the booths to see what goodies which interest us. We walked end to end within 15 minutes. It was very obvious which booth were real crowd pullers; maid cafe, butler cafe and KKNM (together with littleAkiba – friend of mine).

Ladies queuing to the butler cafe
Guys trump ladies with longer line to maid cafe
The queue goes around the KKNM booth

The other booths which were open (if I recall) were:

  • Danny Choo
  • GoodSmile company
  • Bushiroad
  • Macross Malaysia club
  • Online gaming
  • Sony Music
  • Canon
  • AFA shop
  • Event organizer
  • Malaysia Hatsune Miku party booth
  • Some other booths selling anime merchandise and cosplay items.

Danny Choo was not only hosting the festival shows but also promoting his Moekana Japanese language cards. And of course, he brought the lovely Mirai Suenaga with him to the Anime Festival Asia Malaysia edition.

Danny Choo figurine in his iconic storm trooper uniform
Mirai Suenaga figams
Mirai greeting people in her ride
Well, hello Mir…wait a minute…who are you?!

Hmm, I read quite a bit of chatter on Twitter about the Ultimate Madoka figure. Though I’m sure there’s a very good reason, please do tell me about it. However, I believe this was the model they were oogling.

Ultimate Madoka

When it got really crowded, making for little room to move *cough – PC Fair history* we mozied over to the next hall. This was where the stage activities were held along with the concert in the evening.

Ah memories

I must say though, using this hall for the concert was definitely a good move. It’s spacious just like AFA Singapore. 🙂

Making our way to the stage

The first show of Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Day 1 hosted by Danny Choo was with Tomohiko Ishii introducing the upcoming anime film; Re:Cyborg 009.

Tomohiko Ishii (left) and Danny Choo (right)

The Cyborg 009 production dates back to the 1960s for manga and the latest anime production was in 2001. I don’t recall watching the anime but I must say after watching the upcoming movie trailer, I’m going to hunt for the recent anime.

After Ishii-san’s segment, I noticed camera bearing guys moving to the front of the barricade. I pondered staying in my seat in the 3rd row then later standing on the chair, but I didn’t want to risk it. So I secured a seat in the front row.

Sitting beside me was a girl taking notes while her girl friend was snapping photos. They looked like journalist but my bet is they were real hardworking bloggers. 😛

Spiral Cats (SP Cats) cosplayers

The reason for this camera horde was because professional cosplayers were coming on stage at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia. Plus, both of them were Korean girls to boot.

The horde

Other than Danny Choo, he had a sweet lady co-host with him. Don’t remember her name.


The SP Cats are a Korean group of cosplayers who are rather serious in the hobby. It takes them awhile to produce the gear and costumes. The pair who came down for AFA was the group leader; Tasha, and youngest member; Miyuko. Okay, I will shut up now and just post the pictars. 😛

Q&A with SP Cats – Tasha and Miyuko
Tasha and Miyuko
Kuroneko and Black Rock Shooter
Tasha was looking at me!
She was doing it again!
Sweet Miyuko
Miyuko in what I call the Hmph pose
Surprising how a small change in pose makes a difference
Classic innocent skirt holding post

By the way, here’s a picture of the crowd seated during the morning show.

Don’t think I’m in there

We had to leave Anime Festival Asia Malaysia earlier because of lunch plans. And I found out later I missed the opportunity to snap some artistes on stage because they came out to wish the crowd. Oh well.

My only plunder of this event was the latest SCANDAL album. Primary reason being I didn’t have enough cash on me. From another perspective, that sounds like a good thing.

SCANDAL japanese band album

Overall, Anime Festival Asia Malaysia was alright. I’m hoping to see more booths open next year and that time, I’ll make sure to bring more cash. Also to the organizer, please bring down more Japanese acts! 😀

And if you could, please give me a media pass next time. Pretty please. ROFL!

P.S.: When Joshua shared this photo, I couldn’t believe it. Oh em gee, I tell ya.

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Come to think of it, this isn’t Sheryl Nome from Macross right? Or, is it?

Follow-lor (law) day

While driving back from an appointment one day, I was spacing out though my attention span was still on the road. Don’t ask me if that’s possible, it’s just something I do.

So I was thinking of how recently we’ve been talking about fairness and corruption in the country. Then, a thought came to me. What would it be like for 1 day, if all of us didn’t give the road authorities any room of opportunity to be corrupted?


It’ll be like an awareness campaign to fight corruption. Or, the fun part about it, seeing the faces of the authorities who have no excuse to write you a ticket or stop you. Or the least, creep them out.

In other words, we’d drive them nuts. *grin*

This list is some of the common mistakes we shouldn’t let the authorities take advantage of, though I know it can be difficult for some – out of habit.

  1. Wear your safety belt
  2. Renew your road tax, on time
  3. Use a hands-free bluetooth headset
  4. Respect the traffic light – don’t beat it
  5. Follow the speed limit – as stupid as it may be
  6. Avoid making illegal turns
  7. Park in allocated spaces
  8. Pay for parking (or, at least check if you have to)

So, if we were to follow the law for 1 day or during the seasons when most drivers get caught, they’ll be driven up the wall thinking, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG TODAY?!”

Because there would be little to no tickets to write. *evil laughter*

I know. My spaced out thoughts are living in a world too perfect at times. 😛

Trying to eat the Malaysian way

Ariel had a friend down from Hong Kong and it’s her 1st  visit. So, naturally as Malaysians, we’d show our friends from out of town our number 1 attraction – food. Here starts our journey of eating like a Malaysian.

The 6 meal path

It was said that we Malaysians eat a lot. Instead of 4 meals a day, we can eat up to 6 meals a day. This includes:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Morning tea
  3. Lunch
  4. Afternoon tea
  5. Dinner
  6. Support (better known as mamak)

Starting with the morning, we went for our national dish; nasi lemak (fat rice – litteral translation), at Village Park in Damansara Uptown. It was my 1st visit to this place too and after eating my first spoon of rice, I understood right away the attraction. The rice was very fragrant and the sambal (pronounced sum-bal) was just nice.

Unfortunately, I had to avoid the fried chicken because my sore throat wasn’t giving up on me. Damn you! 🙁

Morning tea – I think

After we took some time to kill and digest, we went off to SS15, Subang Jaya. I’m not a die-hard food hunter, however Hawk brought us to another food gem I never knew about, though Ariel did. We took our friend to have some rojak (mixed fruit) and cendol (traditional dessert).

Once again, I had to avoid the rojak because I was concerned the sauce would irritate my throat too much. And why do I care so much for my throat? Well, I’ve still meetings to attend the coming week and I don’t want to mime my clients later.

I did have some coconut next door and it was really refreshing. Plus, there was a lot of the coconut meat to eat. By the end of that, I was already full to the brim and I knew this was enough for lunch.

No room for lunch

Our earlier meals were still lingering in our stomachs. So we decided to take our time in Aquaria. And this was my 1st time, watching the feeding session at the main hall. However, me and Ariel with our backs to the wall could only catch glimpses of the fishes. Or, the much larger ones like the stingray, sea turtle and sand tiger shark. The shark was as big as the diver?!

Skipping lunch, we chilled at the food court and took in some ais kacang aka ABC (air batu campur), otherwise known; mixed ice shaving. This was another meal I evaded because of the sugar content found in this dessert.

The rest considered dropping into Pavillion or Sungei Wang, just to show our friend what those places were like, but I had to suggest for us to go back. It wasn’t so much of my throat but my body was feeling aches and I felt like I had chills once in awhile.

Preparing for dinner

After resting up, we headed over to Bangsar for some banana leaf rice. We found a great parking right in front of the Nirvana restaurant – wooohooo! It was already quite busy but we got seats in less than 10 minutes.

The mutton curry here is spicier than the one I frequent at Jalan 222. But I’ve to admit the deep fried bitter gourd here is tastier. So I pretty much killed my throat in the night.

Ending the night with mamak

Once we were done checking out both Bangsar Village centres, we headed on over to William’s for supper. The #1 dish we’ve introduced to most of our overseas friends here is the cheese naan. And we always tell them it was a must to eat it after dipping into the condensed milk. No questions asked – no matter how disgusting your friends may think it is. Because you’ll see their face light up and admit how good it is later. 😀

So that’s 5 out of 6 meals, as we tried our best to eat the Malaysian way. If we maybe had less rojak and cendol, our bloated stomachs would’ve some room for fried koay teow. Or, maybe we went wrong somewhere else? Hmm…

Russell Peters was in Malaysia

Now, he’s jetting back off to US.

Selamat jalan

My throat still feels coarse after all the heavy laughing last night. I guess they left the other part out in laughter is the best medicine, that someone is gonna get a hurt real bad. *cough*

The Russell Peters Malaysia 2012 Tour

It was an almost family ordeal last night as we went to catch Russell Peters live in Malaysia. I say almost family because my other brother wasn’t able to join us. Nonetheless, we went ahead and got my parents tickets as well to catch the comedian live.

Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

We got there 1 hour earlier worried parking would be a problem or there’d be a crowd to get into the stadium. When we reached, we quickly grabbed a bite from a burger stall nearby. From waiting and observing them, I knew they were real amateurs compared to the stall owners of Ramly and Otai.

It took them more than twice as long to cook up a burger special – patty wrapped in egg. Then, I noticed the patty’s were thinner than the ones I’d buy from Ramly and Otai. Furthermore, instead of cracking the egg over the hot pan and spreading it, the cook put eggs into a bottle to stir then portioned it into a smaller cup. WTF?

What amateurs, right? I know. *nods* Not wanting to be judgemental, but they should’ve taken off the Ramly apron and not embarrass the trained burger experts where we buy real authentic awesome Malaysian Ramly burgers. Yes, I’m proud of my burger stalls. 😛

East NOT retractable entrance

We passed a few groups selling off self-made Russell Peters merchandise on our way to the entrance. Some of them even used his official logo on them to make it more authentic. Trust us Malaysians to be the next master of pirates I suppose. In my defence, I would’ve bought 1 of it which was a well designed non-plagiarising version promoting the event. But the illustration of Russell Peters threw me off. Ah, how subjective is design.

After walking up the stairs to what we thought was the entrance for East retractable, we learned from the helpful and friendly staff that our entrance was below. So, we walked back down again. Thankfully, as we walked through the correct entrance tunnel, we could feel the cool air conditioned breeze. Phew.

You will be ejected from this event

The ushers were also helpful to direct us to our seats. I suppose this came from practice of last night’s 1st show. The stadium felt cool at first, but it got warmer the moment more seats filled and the show was kicked off.

By the way, it’s the one show I’ve been so far where they had a lot of security and were very strict – not to protect Russell. Their main activity was to blind attendees with their seizure inducing strobing flashlight and laser pointer when attendees tried to photograph anything, even before the event officially started. Some were even flashed when they were taking photos group shots of themselves. I shit you not.

Then before the event, a reminder came on to constantly inform the crowd that recording is prohibited – that’s normal, advising to turn off all electronic devices – normal too, and use of Bluetooth devices or SMS-ing during the event may get you ejected from it – wait, wha?!

Russell Peters is coming...soon

Warming up the event environment, DJ Spinbad spun and scratched some songs for a good 30-60 minutes. Out of the 3 screens at the event, 2 of them gave us the bird’s eye view of how he does what he does. It kept me thinking, “damn, I want me one of those turntables!”

Andrew Netto

The show kicked off with Malaysia comedian; Andrew Netto. It was a good start, though my Dad thought he felt a little nervous. Being a local, he gave us some jokes related to the recent Bersih 3.0 event. Before passing on the act, he wrapped it up by reminding us there were 8,000 people here just in case it was reported the next day; only 3,000 were present. ROFL!

Joey Medina

The 2nd comedian; Joey Medina, took the stage after. He threw a number of sexual related jokes to the crowd and for one moment, I thought us (Malaysians) were really a “brady bunch”. I mean, we laugh really easily. I guess we needed lots of that medicine after having so much traffic stress jammed up our behind nearly everyday.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for arrived. They played his introduction used in last year’s Green Card tour to the music of the series; The Benny Hill show. I always kept thinking Beverly Hill. *facepalm* Here’s the theme song to jog your memory of the comedy series back in the day. If you were born in the 90s, look up YouTube.


Okay, so back to Russell’s introductory video. I really loved the ending touch of it because they toetally included the Malaysia flag onto Russell’s t-shirt. Nice. 😀 (Sorry, if you didn’t get it because you weren’t there.)

Russell really got the crowd laughing hard. He put on his comedic faces and even played with the microphone. Then as Ariel mentioned, if you’re sitting right at the forefront, be prepared to be one of his subjects – not slave, silly. Poor blonde haired lady and her husband got picked on, though I was wondering if they understood his joke. LOL!

Then of course, Russell had to call on his inner power of black people. Thankfully in Malaysia, we’re a multi-ethnic country with plenty to choose from including students from various parts around the world. So, Russell only had to choose how black he needed black.

Oh, and when Russell notices you walking somewhere else midway through the show, expect to be included into the show. Even the 2 cameraman on the stage with him, innocently doing their job were about to be included as part of his show. LOL!

My parents really enjoyed the show and my Dad commended Russell not only as observant but knowledgeable. Damnit! There’s goes my chance of being a comedian – I’m bad in general knowledge you see. 😛

Well, I’m really glad my parents enjoyed it. And this experience gave me some confidence to attend even our own local comedy shows. I mean, we’ve got to attend it at least once, right? That’s what I’m saying. So, what would you recommend?