The Fabulous Kumar in KL

I’m glad that comedy is bringing the family close again. Although I think my Dad’s going to compare all comedians now with Russell Peters. LOL! I mean I’m not saying when Russell Peters did a show in Malaysia, it set the bar too high, but y’ know, it’s Russell Peters.

Getting on with the show

TicketPro were the same event company managing the Russell Peters show. However, in Kumar’s show I noticed they were very lax. During the Russell Peters show, I wrote about how they had so many guards aiming their light strobing seizure inducing flashlights at you if you tried to take a picture. However, it was a 360 during Kumar’s show.

The other thing me and a friend whom I bumped into said was, booking for this show was not very well done. Unlike Russell Peter’s where you could see the row and if I recall, whether it’s a higher level, we couldn’t tell from the Kumar seating plan. What’s up with that?!

Stage set looks awfully familiar, no?

Thankfully, though seated on the higher level, we got seats near the balcony. Plus, sound system was well done that you could hear the jokes clearly.

Malaysia versus Singapore

Emceeing was JD from MixFM and it was very noticeable when you’re at an event and sponsors have said, “you must tell everyone who brought this event to them”. Phbt.

So anyway, we had 2 Malaysian comedians warm up the crowd. Both of which, me and Ariel had seen them in action during the Ministry of Humour – Kavin Jay and Dr.Jason Leong. This time, their acts seemed much better than when we first saw them. *shrug*

Then, when the big kahuna, of course not in size, came onto the stage, Kumar wasted no time hitting off the jokes. He banged everyone from JD, Kavin, Jason and even, the DJ. LOL!

JD, Kavin Jay, Kumar and Dr.Jason Leong

She should’ve stayed at home

In front of us, I noticed a couple. The guy seemed entertained with the jokes thrown by the comedians. However, little could be said about his girl friend. It looked like she didn’t have a sense of humour or she had too much trouble following the jokes. Simply because she kept leaning and whispering into his ear, like “dear, what does he mean ar?” “dear, bla bla bla bla…” -_-!!!

Anyway, let’s wrap this up. Kumar’s jokes to me were made from the experiences he encountered mixed with research done. Although my Dad said Russell Peters was better, I found Kumar’s jokes equally entertaining. On the other hand, when Kumar injects Tamil, I’m temporarily idle. LOL!

But like he said, if you don’t get it, just forget it. 😛

Russell Peters was in Malaysia

Now, he’s jetting back off to US.

Selamat jalan

My throat still feels coarse after all the heavy laughing last night. I guess they left the other part out in laughter is the best medicine, that someone is gonna get a hurt real bad. *cough*

The Russell Peters Malaysia 2012 Tour

It was an almost family ordeal last night as we went to catch Russell Peters live in Malaysia. I say almost family because my other brother wasn’t able to join us. Nonetheless, we went ahead and got my parents tickets as well to catch the comedian live.

Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

We got there 1 hour earlier worried parking would be a problem or there’d be a crowd to get into the stadium. When we reached, we quickly grabbed a bite from a burger stall nearby. From waiting and observing them, I knew they were real amateurs compared to the stall owners of Ramly and Otai.

It took them more than twice as long to cook up a burger special – patty wrapped in egg. Then, I noticed the patty’s were thinner than the ones I’d buy from Ramly and Otai. Furthermore, instead of cracking the egg over the hot pan and spreading it, the cook put eggs into a bottle to stir then portioned it into a smaller cup. WTF?

What amateurs, right? I know. *nods* Not wanting to be judgemental, but they should’ve taken off the Ramly apron and not embarrass the trained burger experts where we buy real authentic awesome Malaysian Ramly burgers. Yes, I’m proud of my burger stalls. 😛

East NOT retractable entrance

We passed a few groups selling off self-made Russell Peters merchandise on our way to the entrance. Some of them even used his official logo on them to make it more authentic. Trust us Malaysians to be the next master of pirates I suppose. In my defence, I would’ve bought 1 of it which was a well designed non-plagiarising version promoting the event. But the illustration of Russell Peters threw me off. Ah, how subjective is design.

After walking up the stairs to what we thought was the entrance for East retractable, we learned from the helpful and friendly staff that our entrance was below. So, we walked back down again. Thankfully, as we walked through the correct entrance tunnel, we could feel the cool air conditioned breeze. Phew.

You will be ejected from this event

The ushers were also helpful to direct us to our seats. I suppose this came from practice of last night’s 1st show. The stadium felt cool at first, but it got warmer the moment more seats filled and the show was kicked off.

By the way, it’s the one show I’ve been so far where they had a lot of security and were very strict – not to protect Russell. Their main activity was to blind attendees with their seizure inducing strobing flashlight and laser pointer when attendees tried to photograph anything, even before the event officially started. Some were even flashed when they were taking photos group shots of themselves. I shit you not.

Then before the event, a reminder came on to constantly inform the crowd that recording is prohibited – that’s normal, advising to turn off all electronic devices – normal too, and use of Bluetooth devices or SMS-ing during the event may get you ejected from it – wait, wha?!

Russell Peters is coming...soon

Warming up the event environment, DJ Spinbad spun and scratched some songs for a good 30-60 minutes. Out of the 3 screens at the event, 2 of them gave us the bird’s eye view of how he does what he does. It kept me thinking, “damn, I want me one of those turntables!”

Andrew Netto

The show kicked off with Malaysia comedian; Andrew Netto. It was a good start, though my Dad thought he felt a little nervous. Being a local, he gave us some jokes related to the recent Bersih 3.0 event. Before passing on the act, he wrapped it up by reminding us there were 8,000 people here just in case it was reported the next day; only 3,000 were present. ROFL!

Joey Medina

The 2nd comedian; Joey Medina, took the stage after. He threw a number of sexual related jokes to the crowd and for one moment, I thought us (Malaysians) were really a “brady bunch”. I mean, we laugh really easily. I guess we needed lots of that medicine after having so much traffic stress jammed up our behind nearly everyday.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for arrived. They played his introduction used in last year’s Green Card tour to the music of the series; The Benny Hill show. I always kept thinking Beverly Hill. *facepalm* Here’s the theme song to jog your memory of the comedy series back in the day. If you were born in the 90s, look up YouTube.


Okay, so back to Russell’s introductory video. I really loved the ending touch of it because they toetally included the Malaysia flag onto Russell’s t-shirt. Nice. 😀 (Sorry, if you didn’t get it because you weren’t there.)

Russell really got the crowd laughing hard. He put on his comedic faces and even played with the microphone. Then as Ariel mentioned, if you’re sitting right at the forefront, be prepared to be one of his subjects – not slave, silly. Poor blonde haired lady and her husband got picked on, though I was wondering if they understood his joke. LOL!

Then of course, Russell had to call on his inner power of black people. Thankfully in Malaysia, we’re a multi-ethnic country with plenty to choose from including students from various parts around the world. So, Russell only had to choose how black he needed black.

Oh, and when Russell notices you walking somewhere else midway through the show, expect to be included into the show. Even the 2 cameraman on the stage with him, innocently doing their job were about to be included as part of his show. LOL!

My parents really enjoyed the show and my Dad commended Russell not only as observant but knowledgeable. Damnit! There’s goes my chance of being a comedian – I’m bad in general knowledge you see. 😛

Well, I’m really glad my parents enjoyed it. And this experience gave me some confidence to attend even our own local comedy shows. I mean, we’ve got to attend it at least once, right? That’s what I’m saying. So, what would you recommend?

BE A MAN Russell Peters


I was introduced to the comedian by my group of friends. Oblivious to his existence, I never knew Russell Peters until I saw that video and it just stuck. Be a man.

Other than that video, his other memorable line would the $34.50. Russell was impersonating how when you buy stuff, you’ll get a hard time bargaining with a Chinese stall owner. My, ain’t it true. LOL! 😛

Sure sell out

So, little I’ve to say as you may have heard, his show has been sold out in Malaysia since the ticketing started today. Event company websites like TicketPro Malaysia and AirAsia RedTix had a very hard time coping with the influx of traffic of customers waiting to buy tickets to the one-time show on May 12.

Cue awkward silence

I opted to purchase my tickets from TicketPro because they gave me the better impression of an events company that I could rely on. However, I guess sometimes they doubt how well their website would hold up to a super surge of traffic. And I could see all the frustration vented on their Facebook page at the time. To make matters worst…


After waiting for more than 10 minutes (some say they waited 2 hours), I was unlucky to come across this message. Hence, all I could do was wait – again.

Thankfully, an almighty power of the universe, may be God, got me to the purchasing page for my tickets after that. Without hesitation, I put down my order of tickets and paid for them. Hoorah, the war had been won!

What do you mean retractable?

We’ll be seated at the East area and really, what do you mean retractable? My Dad joked that maybe the seats will move like we’re on some motion master ride. *slaps forehead*

I’m really looking forward to this international act and I’m very curious as to what jokes will Russell pull out for us Malaysians. 🙂