BE A MAN Russell Peters


I was introduced to the comedian by my group of friends. Oblivious to his existence, I never knew Russell Peters until I saw that video and it just stuck. Be a man.

Other than that video, his other memorable line would the $34.50. Russell was impersonating how when you buy stuff, you’ll get a hard time bargaining with a Chinese stall owner. My, ain’t it true. LOL! 😛

Sure sell out

So, little I’ve to say as you may have heard, his show has been sold out in Malaysia since the ticketing started today. Event company websites like TicketPro Malaysia and AirAsia RedTix had a very hard time coping with the influx of traffic of customers waiting to buy tickets to the one-time show on May 12.

Cue awkward silence

I opted to purchase my tickets from TicketPro because they gave me the better impression of an events company that I could rely on. However, I guess sometimes they doubt how well their website would hold up to a super surge of traffic. And I could see all the frustration vented on their Facebook page at the time. To make matters worst…


After waiting for more than 10 minutes (some say they waited 2 hours), I was unlucky to come across this message. Hence, all I could do was wait – again.

Thankfully, an almighty power of the universe, may be God, got me to the purchasing page for my tickets after that. Without hesitation, I put down my order of tickets and paid for them. Hoorah, the war had been won!

What do you mean retractable?

We’ll be seated at the East area and really, what do you mean retractable? My Dad joked that maybe the seats will move like we’re on some motion master ride. *slaps forehead*

I’m really looking forward to this international act and I’m very curious as to what jokes will Russell pull out for us Malaysians. 🙂