Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

A couple of friends and us went over to a new pizza place in Bangsar called; Mikey’s Original New York Pizza. Besides the usual horrid need to find a parking space along the Telawi road, a queue had already formed waiting for tables.

View from outside Mikey's Original New York Pizza
View from outside Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

I’m not sure if the dude on the right was the manager or owner because he chatted up patrons and asked them if everything was alright.

Anyway, once we were seated at a table, we took a good look at the menu to decide on what pizzas to order. You may want to note earlier that a slice of pizza is bigger than your average Dominoes / Pizza Hut / Papa John’s, in addition, a whole pie is 18″ (1-8-inches).

And I have average sized hands!
And I have an average sized hand!

The pizza flavors were really good. My favourite was the one with some blue cheese. It went really well with the tomato base of the pizza.

If you’re craving for something spicy, the 9-1-1 is no joke if you eat a lot of it. However, I wouldn’t say the same for you crazy fellows who eat “cili padi” like nobody’s business.

The place features an open kitchen concept and we were nicely seated in a location where we could see into it. Behind the scenes, we could see the main chef whipping the pizzas and the number of helpers moving about.

Open kitchen
Open kitchen

Overall, you’d expect to spend around MYR 15 +/- for a slice and MYR 80 +/- for a whole pizza pie. You can say it’s worth the money for now, until you’ve tried all of it. Though I would be looking forward to more flavours to come to keep our taste buds tingling for more.

P.S.: They also do deliveries – not sure how far. 😛

Trying to eat the Malaysian way

Ariel had a friend down from Hong Kong and it’s her 1st  visit. So, naturally as Malaysians, we’d show our friends from out of town our number 1 attraction – food. Here starts our journey of eating like a Malaysian.

The 6 meal path

It was said that we Malaysians eat a lot. Instead of 4 meals a day, we can eat up to 6 meals a day. This includes:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Morning tea
  3. Lunch
  4. Afternoon tea
  5. Dinner
  6. Support (better known as mamak)

Starting with the morning, we went for our national dish; nasi lemak (fat rice – litteral translation), at Village Park in Damansara Uptown. It was my 1st visit to this place too and after eating my first spoon of rice, I understood right away the attraction. The rice was very fragrant and the sambal (pronounced sum-bal) was just nice.

Unfortunately, I had to avoid the fried chicken because my sore throat wasn’t giving up on me. Damn you! 🙁

Morning tea – I think

After we took some time to kill and digest, we went off to SS15, Subang Jaya. I’m not a die-hard food hunter, however Hawk brought us to another food gem I never knew about, though Ariel did. We took our friend to have some rojak (mixed fruit) and cendol (traditional dessert).

Once again, I had to avoid the rojak because I was concerned the sauce would irritate my throat too much. And why do I care so much for my throat? Well, I’ve still meetings to attend the coming week and I don’t want to mime my clients later.

I did have some coconut next door and it was really refreshing. Plus, there was a lot of the coconut meat to eat. By the end of that, I was already full to the brim and I knew this was enough for lunch.

No room for lunch

Our earlier meals were still lingering in our stomachs. So we decided to take our time in Aquaria. And this was my 1st time, watching the feeding session at the main hall. However, me and Ariel with our backs to the wall could only catch glimpses of the fishes. Or, the much larger ones like the stingray, sea turtle and sand tiger shark. The shark was as big as the diver?!

Skipping lunch, we chilled at the food court and took in some ais kacang aka ABC (air batu campur), otherwise known; mixed ice shaving. This was another meal I evaded because of the sugar content found in this dessert.

The rest considered dropping into Pavillion or Sungei Wang, just to show our friend what those places were like, but I had to suggest for us to go back. It wasn’t so much of my throat but my body was feeling aches and I felt like I had chills once in awhile.

Preparing for dinner

After resting up, we headed over to Bangsar for some banana leaf rice. We found a great parking right in front of the Nirvana restaurant – wooohooo! It was already quite busy but we got seats in less than 10 minutes.

The mutton curry here is spicier than the one I frequent at Jalan 222. But I’ve to admit the deep fried bitter gourd here is tastier. So I pretty much killed my throat in the night.

Ending the night with mamak

Once we were done checking out both Bangsar Village centres, we headed on over to William’s for supper. The #1 dish we’ve introduced to most of our overseas friends here is the cheese naan. And we always tell them it was a must to eat it after dipping into the condensed milk. No questions asked – no matter how disgusting your friends may think it is. Because you’ll see their face light up and admit how good it is later. 😀

So that’s 5 out of 6 meals, as we tried our best to eat the Malaysian way. If we maybe had less rojak and cendol, our bloated stomachs would’ve some room for fried koay teow. Or, maybe we went wrong somewhere else? Hmm…

Enormous lamb shank pie

The Foo family one night decided to head on to Ben’s General Food Store in Bangsar Village 1 to give their food a whirl. My Dad’s expectation was to have steaks and the hearsay I heard was they did now have it on the menu – last visit with Hawk didn’t have it.

Once we sat down and reviewed the menu, there was NO STEAK listed on it. Puzzled by this, we decided if we should stay and dine here. My parents were easygoing so just agreed to go with the flow and dine-in.

Round round the salad goes round

Okay, call it bad luck. But I was requested to change my side order of salad, THREE TIMES! And, THEY GOT MY SALAD WRONG! The first time was it ran out – fine. The second and third time also ran out – WTF?! On the final time I went up there, I chose a salad which looked like not many people ordered, thinking I was safe. Until my plated order came and what-do-you-know, the salad was wrong. -_-!!!!!!!

I was already frustrated having to choose 3 times so I didn’t bother telling them to correct it. Sigh. What a stroke of bad luck.

The food massacre begins

Me and Ariel decided to share a pizza, so we tried the fungi pizza. If you see the word fungi, it’s mushroom – in case you space out when you see it. 😛

Fungus on mah pizza!

For my main course, I decided to give their lamb shank pie a go. But I don’t think I’ll have that again unless I can eat like a horse or I want to be Fred Flintstone.

Massive lamb shank in a pie

I believe lamb shank can only be called that if the bone is still there. So what you see protruding from all that mashed potato on the top is my lamb shank. It was massive!

I didn’t know how to eat it, literally. The lamb was buried under the mash and the meat – though tender – couldn’t be easily sliced. So like Fred, I picked out the lamb and start gnawing away. Indeed, it was a little bit messy, but I guess that’s one of the ways to truly enjoy a lamb shank. LOL!

You’ll mostly find pizzas here. Other than that, they’ve got the lamb shank pie and 3-4 other different mains. Steak is not on the menu, but apparently how it works is you order from another place in Bangsar Village and they’ll serve it to you in Ben’s General Food Store.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bangsar+Village+Bangsar+Baru+Kuala+Lumpur,+Federal+Territory+of+Kuala+Lumpur+Malaysia&hl=en&ll=3.130767,101.671536&spn=0.011527,0.013583&sll=3.134116,101.670512&sspn=0.012041,0.013583&vpsrc=0&hq=Bangsar+Village&hnear=Bangsar+Baru,+Kuala+Lumpur,+Federal+Territory+of+Kuala+Lumpur,+Malaysia&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

Ber-dating at Opus Bistro

I was suppose to meet up with my collegemates for dinner at Opus Bistro in Bangsar. Because of the creative industry we’re mostly in, supervisors and clients tend to demand our attention – especially when festive seasons is around the corner.

We’re in the WRONG industry, damnit!

But not letting the reservation go to waste, me and Ariel decided to go ber-dating ourselves. This was a place Hawk mentioned to us and commended on their fluffy bread, and good carbonara.

opus bistro
The Opus - not octopus

The place is on Foursquare but whoever added the location added it as Spanish food  – dei, it’s suppose to be Italian. So anyway, we got to nom on the fluffy bread and we both still preferred the bread served at Italiannies – forgot what it’s called.

italian food
Fluffy bread, signature pasta, risotto balls and chocolate desire

I had their signature seafood pasta and it was, outstandingly fresh. The seafood tasted really awesome and it had to be the best thing of that serving – well done. And on the other side of the table, Ariel found the pasta alright but ended up feeling ‘jelat’ towards the end.

For dessert, we tried their chocolate desire which takes 15-20 minutes to prepare. It’s a chocolate lovers must order but as much as I love chocolate, there was a little too much to stomach for me. Maybe my prawns, mussels, cockles and calamari disagreed with it.

To get to Opus Bistro, we ventured into Bangsar’s housing area to get to Jalan Bangkung to a short row of shops with lots of restaurants. Bangar-ians are so lucky to have all the nice food around. Damn you!

By the way, budget spent eating there for starters, main and dessert was about 70-75 bucks per person. Only thing I felt missing that night was a nice glass of chilled wine to take the load off. 🙂

[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=opus+bistro&hl=en&ll=3.140666,101.66851&spn=0.01202,0.013583&sll=3.174796,101.668854&sspn=0.141917,0.3368&z=16&vpsrc=6 width=500 height=400 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

Malaysians, We Stand United

Tomorrow expect to see a group of people at Bangsar LRT station. If they’ve a piece of string or rope the length of their arm, they’re mostly there for the Tali Tenang random act.


This is being organized by Random Alphabets. The very same group who initiated the KL Freeze in Unison at Pavillion.

They’re back and this time it’s to show the country and the world, despite the mess this country falls in, we Malaysians believe in the spirit of Muhibbah. We, the Rakyat, remain calm and rational in our emotions. Not letting others who choose to disrupt our love for the country and its people, break us.

Like a strand of string or rope is easy to be cut, but a rope weaved with other ropes and string makes it tougher to be cut. 🙂

Find out more details of the Tali Tenang event on Facebook.

Updated: January 24, 2010

Malaysians for Unity, successful! 🙂