Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

A couple of friends and us went over to a new pizza place in Bangsar called; Mikey’s Original New York Pizza. Besides the usual horrid need to find a parking space along the Telawi road, a queue had already formed waiting for tables.

View from outside Mikey's Original New York Pizza
View from outside Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

I’m not sure if the dude on the right was the manager or owner because he chatted up patrons and asked them if everything was alright.

Anyway, once we were seated at a table, we took a good look at the menu to decide on what pizzas to order. You may want to note earlier that a slice of pizza is bigger than your average Dominoes / Pizza Hut / Papa John’s, in addition, a whole pie is 18″ (1-8-inches).

And I have average sized hands!
And I have an average sized hand!

The pizza flavors were really good. My favourite was the one with some blue cheese. It went really well with the tomato base of the pizza.

If you’re craving for something spicy, the 9-1-1 is no joke if you eat a lot of it. However, I wouldn’t say the same for you crazy fellows who eat “cili padi” like nobody’s business.

The place features an open kitchen concept and we were nicely seated in a location where we could see into it. Behind the scenes, we could see the main chef whipping the pizzas and the number of helpers moving about.

Open kitchen
Open kitchen

Overall, you’d expect to spend around MYR 15 +/- for a slice and MYR 80 +/- for a whole pizza pie. You can say it’s worth the money for now, until you’ve tried all of it. Though I would be looking forward to more flavours to come to keep our taste buds tingling for more.

P.S.: They also do deliveries – not sure how far. 😛