Achievement unlocked: Standing desk

I’ve been meaning to convert my current IKEA desk to a standing desk this year, so I finally decided to do it today. Maybe I became self-motivated after the whole Walter Mitty experience. LOL!

Previous desk
Previous desk

Kinda messy as it is, I’ve had this IKEA desk for more than 4 years now I think. And actually if you look to the left, you’ll see a stick poking out from the side – just above the printer. That was my marker from last night so I’d know how high to raise my desk.

One of the thoughts I did have while measuring was the top shelf may have to go because according to the standing desk principal, your eyesight should be just about the near top of you monitor. But anyway, I can think about what to do with the shelf later.

Just like new
Just like new

After clearing the area and thinking I could do this myself, I stumbled on another thought. If I flipped my top shelf like above, I could mount stuff there. Hmm…

So anyway, I had to ask Ariel for help in the end because it was easier to dismantle the desk and build it back.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 03

Not long after, we assembled the desk again and I decided to move the top shelf to the lower portion. I wanted to have space beneath the desk so when it came to vaccuming or mopping, the wires or stuff on the floor wouldn’t get in the way.

A small setback for the desktop machine though, its feet isn’t sitting on the shelf because it wasn’t deep enough. However, it’s a small matter since my desktop machine doesn’t have an exhaust at the bottom of the casing.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 04
Bring on Monday!

The one other thing I’m considering is a mat to complete the standing desk setup – read somewhere the mat is to help relieve pressure on your heels, back and legs.

So that’s a strike-through 1 of my goals this year. Woot!